Russia’s Dependence on the FIFA World Cup

Russia is going to host the world’s grandest sporting events next week, The FIFA World Cup. With the world perceiving Russia in a bad limelight thanks to western pressures and media it’s only hope of a better perception of other countries is through football.

Russia’s Dependence on the FIFA World Cup

FIFA world cup will start on 14 June, with Russia battling Saudi Arabia, with better chances of a win to the host side.

FIFA world cup is guaranteed to make everyone smile and have a great time, but this event will mean a lot to Russia!

The United States has tarnished the image of Russia and it’s leader Vladimir Putin in a disgraceful manner with sanctions being applied too. Politics is a dirty game, football is much preferred!

Russia has also faced several societal pressures such as the attempt of the assassination of Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Along with this Russians have been involved in various racism and discrimination in football.

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On top of this, homosexuals are not as welcome in Russia with a lot of abuse physically and verbally in Russia.

Criminality and aggressiveness were seen in Euro 2016 where the English were brutally hit by Russians and thus created a lot of negative impact on Russians.

Russia can use FIFA to get people to change their minds about Russia’s lovely people, city life, and iconic buildings.

With several countries like France, Germany, Brazil and Spain playing and known players like Messi and Ronaldo there are millions of people who will be visiting Russia.

Russia has a chance to prove people wrong, and in terms of future objectives and a culture seen to promote technology cryptocurrency too is being allowed in several hotels.

As long as the Russians control their emotions at Russia’s matches, treat the other nationalities well and ensure everyone has a party in this world event Russia will be seen in a very different limelight amongst the many in the world.