Samsung Makes a Giant Leap into India with World’s Largest Mobile Phone Factory

Samsung opening its factory, regarded as the world’s largest mobile phone factory, is another shining ‘Make in India’ moment for the ruling party for bringing in the smartphone giant.


Samsung India CEO HC Hong said the Noida factory was a symbol of Samsung’s strong commitment to India and a brilliant example of the success of the Government’s ‘Make in India’ program. “We are aligned with Government policies and will continue to seek their support to achieve our dream of making India a global export hub for mobile phones.” The opening of the factory has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by Samsung smartphone lovers as well as those looking for new jobs.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the new factory would generate jobs in Uttar Pradesh. “This is an important step towards making India a manufacturing hub. It is a matter of pride for India and Uttar Pradesh.” According to Samsung’s official press release, Samsung expects to double its current capacity for smartphone production in Noida from 68 million units to 120 million units in 2020.

The smartphone giant is also expected to penetrate into the Indian market with more cheap phones giving competition to the likes of Xiaomi and Motorola. Meanwhile, Samsung’s market rival Apple is also gearing to assemble its iPhone 6S units in India.

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Reports highlight Apple collaborating with Wistron, a Taiwan based contractor to lower the costs of the phone. Another smartphone yet to leave its mark, Oppo also got a clearance last December to establish a $320 million manufacturing unit in Noida.

Besides, smartphones, Samsung is trying to expand into automotive, digital health (particularly preventative health) and business software. In an interview with Forbes, in November 2017, Young Sohn, the President and Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung Electronics North America said the company has a vision that the car of tomorrow will be much different than today.

“We are envisioning what happens in the future as similar to the smartphone experience. And that doesn’t mean we compromise safety or security but have the convenience and technology that can bring about more relevant information to one’s driving experience. And ultimately even full autonomy is a possibility and we are very excited about that when we think about the potential.” Sohn further stated that Samsung Electronics would work along car companies, developing technologies for their subsidiaries to shape for autos. Probably, Samsung will also open its automobile units in India, in the near future.