How to save the highest institution of India

Has the highest institution of India become corrupt too? With the Supreme court judges being blamed for misdeeds, it is of importance this is corrected as law and policies are dependent on the institute of justice.

How to save the highest institution of India judges
How to save the highest institution of India

On Friday, 12 of January senior most judges of the Supreme Court publicly accused Chief Justice of India Dipak Mishra for choosing his own choices for judges in certain cases. There is plenty wrong with policies not being followed by the parties which are the accused and accusers.

Sitting judges should not interact with media – The Accusers Justices Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan B Lakur and Kurian Joseph had a first of its kind press conference accusing Chief Justice Dipak Mishra.
• If true, the accused Chief Justice will follow case in doing injustice to a fair trial and will prove to be an example in other important cases which have been assigned to certain members of the court.

At the press conference several strong statements were made Unless the institution is preserved and allowed to maintain its dignity, democracy will not survive. The hall mark of a good democracy is independent and impartial judges, Justice Chelameswar said.

There were talks of a press conference being held by the Chief Justice as a reply to the chaotic scenes by the four lawyers.

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In addition it is important to note the other issues our judicial system has, such as
India has 15 judges for every million people, which is one of the worlds lowest ratios.
• In 2013, the cases of as many as 85% of people put on trial were pending.
• India has outdated laws in terms of punishment, and has to undergo a fix to the Indian legal system.

With the above case in to picture, a Judicial Review will take place where the legislation can be troubled by the courts on the grounds of unconstitutionality.