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Established in 2006, got registered in Jan 2016 Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation is a non-profit voluntary organization. To help empower underprivileged children and youth through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes. We hope to bring changes in the lives of children, youth and women.

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Established in 2006, got registered in Jan 2016 Helping 2 Hands The AR Foundation is a non-profit voluntary organization. To help empower underprivileged children and youth through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes. We hope to bring changes in the lives of children, youth and women.

 Vision:  As to help the helpless and empower the weak

Mission: Commitment without boundaries

Aim: Foundation exists to make significant contributions to education in a manner consistent with social justice, equity, humane values and sustainability within the framework of a secular and democratic Indian. A number of key principles continue to guide the process of the Foundation’s evolution. These principles deeply inform our strategy and approach at many levels.

They collectively describe a cultural ethos creating an ethically vibrant organization that is firmly committed to its purpose. 

Five Interventions: 

Child Education: Education is a human right which ought to be accessible to every child, without any discrimination. Education also consists of a form of learning that is necessary for the development of one’s personality and identity, as well as his physical and intellectual capabilities.Foundation believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there’s no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Our Foundation has adopted 117 students in various schools of Telangana & Banaglore State. We provide start to end for these children’s. We have visited 56 schools directly met 21,346 students.

Women Empowerment: Improve their living conditions only when they realize their potential and become self-reliant and committed to facilitate women for providing market oriented skills and vocational trainings. Teach basic job skills to women in local languages.

Our Foundation has donated lot of material for teaching and learning the skills like tailoring, jute bag making, flower making, paper invitations, paper work, Xerox machine, Front Desk service, Tele calling, and coaching & teaching . We have donated 25 sewing machines, 12 jute bag making machine, stationary items and etc. We have helped 106 women to get the job.

Career Counselling: Career Counselling for Students/Housewives/Middle aged people where we discuss their Career Orientation at individual level and overcome their career confusions. Competition is increasing; opportunities and variety of careers are also increasing rapidly.

Our foundation has been pioneer for counseling the Teachers, Students and parents. We have visited lower income group schools like Jubliee High school, Holy Mother School,  Rainbow School, Standard Publice School,  Aman Vedika School, Madwadi Samthi School, Holy Fatima School to name the few. From Each school we are paying complete education fee of 12 students. At the same time we have been sponsoring the students of 18 Madarsa in TS  Banglore, Mumbai & Chennai.

Orphanage Assist: In the heart of every child is a hunger for home. Not just for food and a place to sleep, but for safety and community. Working effectively on the ground level with the local community, local government, and other organizations, the results are tangible and life sustaining.

Our foundation has been providing the basic requirements of 18 orphanages like Grocery, Mats, Blankets, Computer, Printer, Stationary items, Model Papers, Books and much more

Last Aspiration:  You may have many desires which you can eventually fulfill. But there are some children who have their wishes, but can’t fulfill them in their short lifetime. This is because they hail from underprivileged backgrounds and don’t have a long lifespan.

Special Services: 

Special Children:

To empower the children having special needs with the necessary skills to manage life on their own. Special School is truly an institution of love, where these children get the right to life of respect and dignity. The idea is to explore their hidden abilities while managing their disabilities and making them self-reliant.

Our Foundation has visited 14 special schools in our city and we have donated special beds, mattresses, gym items, special stationary items, computer, jute making machine & material and more

Healthcare Services:

Provisions for basic health care services especially in rural India are few and far between. It’s an understood reality, which is enduring the NGOs to work more and bridge the gap in receiving these services. Health care initiative for below poverty line, deprived, orphans and senior citizens is organizing health camps in rural as well as urban areas

Our Foundation has organized 27 medical camps where we have directly helped 10000+ people. We on regular basis providing the sanitary napkins for various orphanages.

Old Age: 

Many young people in India are migrating to different cities, either within India or abroad to pursue further education or in purist of their careers, leaving behind their old aged parents. It intends to depict a feeling of warmth, comfort and trust. It plans to instigate a feeling of hope into the lives of elderly. Eradicate insecurity and loneliness from their life through being with them I support of health and care.

Our foundation has visited 16 old age homes where we donated special Hospital beds,  Gyser, coolers and there basic necessity items like grocery, saris, toiletries and more

No matter how poor you think you are, you are rich enough to give a Helping 2 Hands. Help always doesn’t mean money there are different virtues more valuable than money and we all are endowed in one way or the other. Together let’s give a Helping 2 Hands

Accolades to  the Foundation:

Brand Impact: Best Philanthropist of 2016

Prime Time: Best NGO Services for Child Education & Health Care 2016

Praxis Media: Best NGO for 2016 

APS  Research Pvt Ltd :r Medical Aids 12 Orphanges in 2016

Katlayst Research Ltd  :r Best Continuous support to the special schools 2017

Times India Award: Best NGO in Twin State (Andhar Telgana)

Katlyast Reserch Pvt Ltd as  Change Maker Philanthropist 2017 

Founder & President of the foundation is Mr. Mohammed Abdur Rahman. Abdur Rahman is Vice President Global Sales  & Marketing Operation of Netmertic Info Solutions Private Ltd, a Leading Technical Training Institute in Hyderabad. He leads the cycle from acquisition to delivery responsibility for business, training, networking, product functions, operational functions, spanning across Sales and Presales.

Abdur Rahman specializes in high impact cohesive external and internal communication, effectively managing, multi-disciplinary teams and executing marketing, that enhances sustainable productivity, revenue growth and branding. Business Services through Industry focus and technical training, technology-led solutions, Integrated Global Delivery and flexible business models with risk-reward, gain-share constructs