Shaadi Me Zaroor Aana: A Slap On Our Society

This week we bring once again the latest movie under the social scanner which will provoke us to think few things on a deeper note on the authenticity of marriage and corruption.

Shaadi Me Zaroor Aana: A Slap On Our Society
Shaadi Me Zaroor Aana: A Slap On Our Society

How much we feel excited whenever we hear about the word “Shaadi”? It is needless to mention and even the importance of this pious nuptial bond of marriage have been portrayed with utmost sincerity in Bollywood. It especially becomes more important for us where we are still even after claiming ourselves modernized, we believe in the serenity of this solemn virtue. Even though Bollywood is famous for portraying love in its various shades, we have not been unheard of movies whose theme are based on marriage. It would have been almost impossible for me not to spectacle a movie named “Shaadi Me Zaroor Aana” which was quite in buzz even before its arrival and especially when it was packed with the powerhouse acting of the charismatic actor “Rajkummar Rao” alongwith the sensational diva “Kriti Kharbanda”.

My Mindset before Movie

Even though I was well aware of the title that at the end of the day movie is going to be revolving around marriage I was really in a dilemma that once again I am going to waste my time on some romantic songs and adult scenes or I am going to see something sensible. Even though I was well aware of the powerful acting of Rajkummar Rao but still there was a confusion. Being an ardent fan of movies, I couldn’t tame my confusion for a long time and I decided to set on the roller-coaster side of “Shaadi Me Zaroor Aana”.

Screening of the Movie

As the camera rolled into action, the very first dialogue “Ladki laao to apne se chhote ghar ki ghar-pariwar sara dab ke rahega” was enough to shatter my all misconceptions in a second that it is just going to be one of the lots. How beautifully in a single one-liner it explained our hippocratic mentality where instead of celebrating the upcoming weeding we start to frame conspiracy in order to put the would-be bride and her families under the soles of our shoes. Really! It seems weird that at one point of time we decorate the would-be-bride as “Ghar Ki Lakshmi” in front of the so-called well-wishers and we are conspiring against her in order to put her reins in our own hands.

The Ship of Dowry still Not Drowned

 Isn’t it an irony that we tirelessly talk on the women empowerment and when it comes to women the women are the biggest enemies of women themselves? The conversation of the Satyendra’s(Rajkummar Rao) mother with her husband “Koi to chahiye Samajhdari ki baat karne wala” was enough to tell how much the demon dowry have inculcated in our society? Even if by chance we try to get rid of this demonic act we are considered a fool who is quite impractical. How much it is shameful for us that we shamelessly try to bargain the position of the guy and wealth of our family in order to extract money as much as possible. How could I have missed the beautiful one-liner “Aapki gannit me compartment aayi thi kya Jogi ji?” which is enough to tell how much this demonic act have become a method of minting money rather than just a tradition? Don’t these traditions need to be reviewed once which have become a matter of tyranny for us instead of awarding any worthed objective to us? It would be almost a blunder if I would have missed the conversation between both sisters; “Aarti! Hamne shaadi me do hi cheeze sikhi hai jo sabse jyada zaroori hai; Bahut sara sex aur bahut sara paisa!”. Even though this dialogue was enough to tickle our funny bones but it also reminded us of the the objectification of the women and the materialistic society? Isn’t it a satirical allegory for us that either we are interested in sex or just loads of money while even when we talk about marriage on a funnier note?

The Degrading Dignity

 How much still the autocratic society is rearing the false dignity and degrading the genuine aspect of dignity it could have been very well analysed have we had a look at the movie even with a bird’s eye view? How could we miss the words of Aarti’s(Kriti Kharbanda) father; “Ye IAS, PCS ki naukriya ladkiyo ke liye nahi hoti hai. Bahno ko ulti-sidhi salah mat dena!” was enough to tell that we are still not educating our daughters in order to make them something which which could dignify them in their own eyes. Instead of it we are just trying to save our own dignity by educating them to the minimum standard which is enough to save our so-called dignity in the society. Once again the conversation between those two sisters; “Wo ek clerk hai! Jab Afsar ban jaogi na, Sattoo(Rajkummar Rao) jaise 25 clerk tumhare niche kaam karenge” was enough to tell that how much even today there is a false dignity associated with the govt. Jobs which gives rise to corruption. Its’ the diseased dignity of our govt. jobs which prompts us to take disastrous actions like leaving the marriage procession in mid-between like Aarti or agreeing for the murder of our own best friend as Neelam agrees in the case of Aarti as she herself says; “Khatm kar do Saali ko! Iska Purana aashiq hai jo iske piche pada hai…….”. Perhaps this dialogue is enough to remind us the harrowing truth of the corruption which do not look beyond its’ own selfish motives.

The Concluding Words

 Whether such a splendid movie would achieve a grand success or not, I am not quite sure of but one thing of which I am more than sure is that this movie has the potential to shed all our so-called love for our country and tradition. The time has come to think for our society in a genuine way as Satyendra himself says; “Everything is fair in love and war…Love is over, now war begins”.