Shame: Leech of Lawyers Defending Child Rapists

Rape is the most heinous crime and proves a failure of a nation and society. We thought to revisit the recent but one of the worst forms of rape cases of a Kashmiri girl Asifa which has become famous as #JusticeforAsifa. Has anything changed since then?

Shame: Leech of Lawyers Defending Child Rapists

Kathua Rape Case Heard in Pathankot Court

It is a truly sad day for India to witness a leech of lawyers, 31 to be exact, defending the rapists of an eight-year-old girl child which is deemed amongst the barbaric cases to have rocked the nation. The victim was from Muslim Gujjar-Bakarwal community. The case had taken a communal twist. The Pathankot Bar Association president Reshpaul Thakur said it was the first time for Pathankot court to hear such a high-profile case. Media reports highlight that on April 9 in Kathua, a group of lawyers had caused a commotion by attempting to stop the police from filing a charge sheet in court. The Jammu Bar Association had gone as far as calling a bandh (strike) on April 11 on the same.

Communal Twist

Hindutva groups and members of the BJP – Chander Prakash Ganga and Lal Singh, in Jammu, have defended the accused, stating that it’s a conspiracy against the Hindus. Soon, the case was labelled as Hindu vs. Muslims. The victim’s family suffered silently. The Hindu villagers even denied land for the victim’s final burial. Protests rocked Jammu. The case created communal tension amongst the Hindus and Muslims.

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The lawyers and political leaders added fuel to the fire. They tried to create discord in the community. Investigation reports say that the crime was cleverly planned and set out to drive the Gujjar-Bakarwal community from the land. The Bakarwals are nomads. They are seasonal travellers, taking their animals (goats, sheep, horses and ponies) from one place to another depending on summer and winter for grazing.

Aggrieved Family

As for the aggrieved family, they are mourning the loss of their loved child. A cheery and wide-girl who didn’t know the difference between Hindus and Muslims. She was just helping out her family like other members of her shepherd community. Her posters – dressed in a purple dress, and a shy smile on her face, full of innocence, one can hardly image or put themselves in her ordeal. A little girl fell in the clutches of satanic men who ravaged her for seven days that too in a temple. They had kept her without food and water. How can a nation not feel the pain of this family? How can the leaders, who have promised to serve and fight for the people’s rights, not do same for this little girl? How can we turn blind and deaf to this heart-wrenching case?

India is a colorful and vibrant nation but is now blotched with the blood of innocent girls and women. #JusticeforAsifa.