SIO is Organizing All India Conference on Reclaiming Dignity -Designing Future

Student Islamic Organization Is organizing a 3 day All India Conference on the theme ‘Reclaiming Dignity Designing Future’ on 23rd, 24th & 25th of February 2018. Arvind Kejriwal will be inaugurating the conference

SIO is Organizing All India Conference on Reclaiming Dignity -Designing Future
Invitation Banner of the Conference of SIO in Delhi

Students Islamic Organisation with its presence all over India has been at the epic center of student activism for the past 35 years. We are delighted to inform you that SIO is organizing an All India Conference on the 23rd, 24th & 25th of February 2018 on the theme Reclaiming Dignity Designing Future . It is our pleasure to invite you wholeheartedly to the conference to be held at the Jamaate-Islami Hind Headquarters Campus in Okhla, New Delhi. Spanning over three days the conference will have 8 sessions with many national and international dignitaries as the guests.

The conference will be inaugurated by Mr Arvind Kejriwal, Honourable Chief Minister of New Delhi on the eve of 23rd February 2018. The session will be blessed by the presence of Moulana Jalaluddin Umari, President, JIH, Mr Adnan Abu Al Hija, the Palestine Ambassador to India, Dr. Muhammad Saleem, Secretary-General, JIH Mr Nahas Mala, President, SIO of India and Mr Khaleeq Ahmad Khan, General Secretary, SIO of India.

The main attraction of the day is the Youth and Student session titled “Resistance, Dignity, Opposition: Undoing mainstream narratives”. Being the most creative tools of resistance, the students from Indian academic diaspora discusses the hopes, aspirations and methodologies to be developed for the upbringing of the real opposition movements across the country. The session will have student representatives from vibrant spheres leading student opposition in their respective arena.

The Judicial system in India is going through its crucial phase in the recent times. The unprecedented press conference held by the topmost justices of the Supreme Court with no parallels in history is a crucial reminder about the malignity our justice system being prone to. Education should open minds to think creatively and rationally, able to develop diverse variety of knowledge but our education system has failed in it. SIO, being a responsible student movement believes it is high time we discuss this dilemma. The session under the title “Judiciary Under Trial; Education at crossroads” discuss the derailing education system, independence and integrity of the judiciary. In the session titled “Mission, Values and Self Actualisation” SIO intends to go to the roots of Islamic ideals which is the sole inspiration for all activities SIO undertake. Experts of Islamic Learning will reflect on their take on different subjects in the vast Islamic academic arena.

The vigilance of any society depends on its fourth estate which is the media and when it gets maligned, the whole system gets affected. In the session titled “Democracy, Public Conscience: Fostering alternative media spaces” SIO intends to discuss the critical situation that has engulfed our media arena.

The Public Conference on the evening of 24th of February will see an array of leaders of Muslim Ummah joining to proclaim in unison their solidarity to the struggles of the Indian Muslim society against their hardships both political and social.

Introspection is the basic necessity of any entity that looks forward to a better future. In the session titled “35 years of SIO; Reflections, Road Ahead” the flag bearers of SIO from 1982 to 2018 will reflect on their experiences in leading the largest Islamic student organisation. It will be a critical session where past activities would be put to introspection and a roadmap to future is expected to come out. The curtains will come down for the three day conference on 25th February 2018 with the concluding session.