The Smart But Late Cities

Narendra Modi announced the interesting smart city concept two and a half years ago. We would expect completion of at least 50% however, not even 10% has been completed.

The Smart But Late Cities
The Smart But Late Cities

 The Smart City mission is a dream which Honourable Prime Minister Modi wanted to turn into reality. The dream was put into effort from 2015, however two and a half years later things are looking more of a long lasting dream.

Only 5.2% of the total identified projects have been completed with just 1.4% of the total investment of 1, 35, 958 crore being used. There are a total of 2,864 projects identified by 90 smart cities.  Out of this only 148 projects with a net total of 1,872 crore have been completed.

407 of the smart cities are just starting off, while 72% of the projects are still in stage of preparation. 90 smart cities , and only 31 have completed atleast 1 project. New Delhi Muncipal Council completed 23 projects followed by Varanasi which completed 16 projects.

There are another two years left for the mission to be a reality, according to the five years promised by Modi. 2020 is the year of completion, and with the eventual developments this is not likely. The data shows that India will only delay the smart city mission.

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Why the delay? The main cause is local governments not being able to raise money of balance amounts after Centres contribution. There is a contribution of user charges by the citizens and this too is seen to be a problem in collection.

Twenty cities across three Indian states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan will have faster development with an Indo Canadian initiative. This initiative will train smart city planners on capacity building and governance according to experts. This comes under the Atal Mission which is called Amrut. This will help the underlying challenges faced in smart cities.