South China Sea: Beijing’s New Military Outpost

The gradual militarization of South China Sea is a wake-up call for India to be strategically and diplomatically aligned otherwise the result could be disastrous.

South China Sea Beijing’s New Military Outpost
South China Sea Beijing’s New Military Outpost

The People’s Republic of China does not seems to please various people with its acts in the South China Sea which obviously is not going right. Starting from mere dredging it came to buildings which are now followed by small military installations according to the analyst. Even in the Spratlys the large-scale constructions have been developing since 2013 where the barren reefs are transformed into military outposts.

The development at Spratlys has ignited outrage from the neighboring countries like Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia as these are against the agreement which devalues the code of conduct with China.

The strategic experts all around the world are quite sure about it’s long-term implication in the quest for China’s power. If we just heed attention to the words of Conor Cronin, a research associate at the Asia Maritime Transparency; “While they take forever to put this agreement together, China has not slowed in building up these bases” while negotiation over the code of conduct with the 10-country ASEAN. India should come forward from just giving them a warm reception to the heads of the ASEAN nations.

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The pace with which China is trying to strategies its military power all around India need to have a work on its diplomatic content and strengthen its relation with other countries who are rich when it comes to sea area as like South Korea and Japan.

India need not to forget that even though there have been continuous discussions on whether India or China is going to be Superpower, the People’s Republic of China is long ahead in this race. If India is not going to discard away its issues with these countries then powerful countries like USA will go an extra mile in building a strong bond, ultimately we are not going to beat China on any front. India should understand that the gradual militarization of South China Sea, if left unchecked will surely bring a major disaster for them.

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