Only Talent Matters, says Deepak Baldev, Chairman of Glitters Film Academy

There is no comparison for talent, whether it is Bollywood or Tollywood. Only Talent matters says Producer and Director Deepak Baldev in an Exclusive Interaction with Nitish Raj of The Policy Times

Only Talent Matters, says Deepak Baldev, Chairman of Glitters Film Academy

Deepak Baldev is currently the chairman of Glitters Film Academy. Before Founding Glitters Film Academy in Hyderabad he aspired to being an actor in Hindi films. He completed his Diploma in Acting from the famous Asha Chandra Acting School. He has been training actors and actress for the last 16 years through his academy, which has produced some big names like Neha Sharma, Vandana Gupta, Rubi Parihar, Kirat Bhattal along with many more. In 2012 he produced the remake of the Hindi Super-hit film Jhonny Gaddar as Kamina in Telugu. He has directed an independent film named Iss Ke Bum Mein Hai Dum. His upcoming Hindi Movie is Full Moon which is currently under production.

In his exclusive interaction with Nitish Raj of The Policy Times, Deepak Baldev, chairman of Glitters Film Academy, Hyderabad said there is no comparison for talent, whether it is Bollywood or Tollywood. Only Talent matters.

Q. Has film-making become easier as compared to the past?

Answer: Nowadays film making has become easier because technology developments such as digital system exposure and computer graphics. Earlier we had to record the sound along with the picture, and later synchronize both at the editing table. Now digitally both audio and video are recorded simultaneously. By doing this we gain time for the post production stage.

Computer Graphics has led to less work at the sets as, along with the green screen which has helped to create different backgrounds along with visual effects.

Q. What are the various elements apart from training which segregate an average film-maker from an outstanding one?

The various elements that make an outstanding film maker are learning the following:

  • Story development
  • Screenplay process
  • Schedule planning
  • Budget control.

Q. Writing scripts for a movie or a TV serial is all about writing stories which is clearly based on instinct. How does a course in script-writing help the authors?

Answer: Story writing is based on an idea or instinct. The course helps to develop the idea into a perfect and final script which is to be executed by the Film Director. The process of writing the script, starting from the central idea to shooting the script is practically trained in the course which is provided for script writing students.

Q. A lot of South Indian actors are moving to Bollywood. Should it be seen as a success of Tollywood or the does Tollywood need to be more enriched to become a competitor to Bollywood?

Answer: There is no comparison for talent, whether it is Bollywood or Tollywood. Only Talent matters. So many migrate from Hollywood to Tollywood! Special training is given to shine their talent as no one is a born actor.

Q. Why have we still not seen any prominent South Indian Star in Hollywood movies?

Answer: The culture, tradition and walk of life differs and matters from North to South India. It differs from region to region. The trend is changing gradually. It is becoming universal. The stars are moving from South to North and from North to Hollywood.

Q. There is a general perception that to be a lead-role actor you need to be good-looking. How much is this true when it comes to lead actors?

Answer: The main lead role is everything. In South Hero worship exists so a good looking person is selected for certain stories. For certain character based stories, a handsome look is not required. They are selected as per the Character. In our Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata the lead roles are injected for us as handsome heroes.

Q. What need to be done by the government to make South Indian movies popular in other regions of the country as it is in the South of India?

Answer: The Govt. in every state has to encourage other regional movies by giving tax exemptions. If this is done South Indian movies along with North Indian Movies will be encouraged to distribute their movies all over India. This will lead to the audience getting the opportunity to learn the culture and lifestyle of other states and regions.

Q. What would be your advice to young people who want to pursue a career in acting?

Answer: As we say No one is a born actor, only by practice and training do they become perfect! The perfect Training Centre has to be selected.