Special Session at World’s First 10-DAY Digital LIVE International Conference-ICAN3

Dutch Journalist Bette Dam unfolds Warmongering by Media at ICAN3


NOIDA: The second half of Day-4 of the International Conference ICAN3 organized by DME Media School witnessed a highly enriching special session by Ms Bette Dam- an internationally acclaimed investigative Dutch journalist and author of the renowned book ‘A Man and a Motorcycle’ along with her colleague and fellow researcher Mr Ibraheem Thurial. The much-awaited special session by Ms Dam, on the topic ‘Warmongering in news industry” provided exclusive insights of the conflict-stricken Afghanistan.

Ms Dam explained how exaggeration by media and military heads shapes one-sided opinion in the minds of people. She debunked that some of the news articles are precisely framed around the Taliban- painting them culprit and said, “More than 90% of the Dutch journalists blindly believe what the military and government sources say. This leads to half-knowledge, resulting in one-sided stories”

Dr Ambrish Saxena, Dean, DME Media School and Organising Secretary of ICAN3 made a judicious comparison between US Media and Indian Media and said, “Just like the US media, painting the Taliban culprit, some of the major Indian media channels are always ready to declare war on China or Pakistan.” He further said that the exaggeration of the situation by the media is only adding fuel to fire which otherwise could be handled diplomatically.

Ms Yashasvika Yadav, Assistant professor, DME Media School, inquisitively inquired about the challenges faced by a female embedded journalist. She also asked some tips and precautions to excel in war reporting on behalf of her students.

Mr Ibraheem shed light on the problematic reporting in Afghanistan citing various examples and explained the cycle of misleading information resulting in more deceptive opinions about the country. He said, “Lack of basic cross-referencing in media reports is the core problem in Afghanistan”.

This session started with the opening remarks by Dr Susmita Bala, Head, DME Media School and Convenor of ICAN3. She warmly welcomed the expert to the Indian audience.

Earlier in the day, a technical session on the topic “Development and Community Empowerment through CR and ICT” was organised live on zoom and Facebook. It was
chaired by Dr Manawwar Alam, Professor and Dean, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Satyam Group of Institutions, Noida and Co-Chaired by Ms Sanchita Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, DME, Noida. The session witnessed a total seven research papers presentations by scholars and academicians.

The topics included Agenda Setting and Localization: Using alternative media against misinformation and Community Radio strengthening the voice of voiceless: A case study of Chala Ho Gaon Mein. The session was anchored by Anchal Jain, a 2nd-year BJMC student.

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Dutch Journalist Bette Dam unfolds Warmongering by Media at ICAN3
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