The Spy: Sins Surrounding Secrets

The Policy Times, this week brings out the review of one of the masterpiece “The Spy” of the celebrated author Paulo Coelho.

The Spy: Sins Surrounding Secrets
The Spy: Sins Surrounding Secrets

Who could ever forget the legendary character of “Mata Hari” who was once gain relived in one of the finest storyteller of modern times. As contrary to belief that a spy seeks his life in isolation Mata Hari lived her life to the fullest which was enough to grab the eyes of various realms of society which have been dipped in their conservative thoughts since ages. Even though it is not more than an open secret that the lives of spies have been a matter of curiosity and mystery for the general public. The spy who is considered to be responsible for utmost secrecy which are enough to destroy any regime are also under scrutiny at the same time. The life of spies have always been a matter of fantasy for the authors alike which has given birth to masterpieces such as “The Human Factor” by Graham Greene. Even though the spies novel have been quite intriguing in nature, blending a real spy story into the craft of unparalleled artistry can be only possible by none other than “Paulo Coelho” who have already interacted us with a different paradigm of fiction with his masterpieces like “The Alchemist” and “Eleven Minutes”.

Mediocrity of Memories

“Memories are full of caprice, where images of things we’ve experienced are still capable of suffocating us through one small detail or insignificant sound.” The words of Mata Hari while being in prison was enough to tell us the various demons of memories like ‘Melancholy’ and ‘Remorse’ which even she mentions was enough to tell us how much our memories are short-term. The various self-confessions of H21 was quite evident how much we sail around the mediocrity of memories. The memories which we apply in manipulating our so-called near and dear ones for our sole pity benefits which perhaps do not hold any meaning while we are counting our last days. It is an utmost possibility that we wouldn’t be facing any trial like H21 but how much it is justified to be in the same boat of Mata Hari as she wonders “Yes, I was a prostitute- if by that you mean someone who receives favors and jewelry in exchange of affection and pleasure.”


Labyrinth of Love

Since human have stepped foot on this earth, a single question which have haunted him on a permanent basis is undoubtedly the reality of love. If there are people who have firm belief in the serenity of this solemn virtue there are people who consider even forced love-making as love as Mata Hari wonders about that alleged principal “Some even envied him for having been the beau of the great diva of the time.” Is it really something an emotional object which we are still not able to define or we have already reached a conclusion based on our past experiences like Mata Hari who says “From that experience, I begin to associate sex with something mechanical, something that had nothing to do with love.” Not only Mata Hari but most of the characters find themselves entangled in the cobwebs of the labyrinth. If Mata Hari was associating it mechanical, Rudolf (Mata Hari’s husband) who used to feel ecstasy in repeating  and imitating the acts of that pervert principal. Even Madame Guimet who even being herself a woman suggests her “Never fall in love. Love is a poison.” Or is it a reality that “It’s a good thing that people are ignorant” as Madame Guimet have said otherwise we would have been bound to spectacle darker shades of love.

Serenity of Sins

From the beginning of  human civilization, there have been constant debates on the demarcation of sins and virtue. Even today when we claim to be modernized and globalized this debate has not come to an abrupt end. Or is it a reality that the definitions of sins and virtues have already been marked and we are just a puppet as Mata Hari wonders “I am a woman who was born at the wrong time and nothing can be done to fix this.” Even the war which was the backdrop of this jaw-dropping novel was considered something sensible which was obviously enough to blow our senses. The same common sense which direct us to respect the better half of the society even though even today it is an open secret that mere taking birth as a girl is not less than a sin. Even Mata Hari who was executed for being a double agent was obviously punished for the sins as his lawyer had said “You were the victim for the sin of being a woman, for the greater sin of being free, for the immense sin of stripping in public, for the dangerous sin of being involved with men whose reputations need to be maintained at any cost” as journalist and writer Paul Guimard have concluded the words of prosecutor Andre Mornet, “Between us, the evidence we had was so poor that it wouldn’t have been fit to punish a cat.”

The Concluding Words

The masterpiece even though brought us the various facades of life of legendary Mata Hari originally named as Margaretha Zelle has the potential to deduce the various stark realities of life which can be only felt not proved in any court of justice.