Srishti: Making Its’ Meaning Completely Meaningful

Just in a span of two decades, Shristi Publishers has completely transformed the perception of the Indian Publishing industry along with paving the way for young minds.

Shristi: Making its’ Meaning completely Meaningful
Shristi: Making its’ Meaning completely Meaningful

The eminent literary critic Michael Dirda once said; “Writers keep writing and publishers publishing – it never goes boring,” sadly it doesn’t go completely true when we talk about India. A country acclaimed for being the torch-bearer in literature since ages seems to lose its own path at the time when the true meaning of literature is being understood. Even after having a pool of talented youths who aspire to pen down their creative imagination, they find themselves on the brink of confusion when it comes to publishing their masterpiece which they have nurtured with immense sweat. Indeed! It is needless to mention that how much a writer has to struggle hard for getting the tag of a “published author” and all the credits go to the existing publishing houses. The publishing houses claiming of producing the bestsellers are going to make you wait till eternity in the name of assessing your manuscript and then its’ an open secret that how much they test your patience with a common excuse – publishing is under process. Even after unbearable and unnecessary tantrums, you are not sure that your masterpiece would reach the right readers and you feel cheated!

Amidst these, all discrepancies in the publishing industry, Srishti Publishers was founded by the visionary doyen Jayanta Kumar Bose on May 17, 1997, with a humble beginning. Srishti which conveys “Srijan” in Sanskrit started with the memorable quotations of the two great Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata and went onto publishing the works of the great philosophers and literary stalwarts like Khalil Gibran, Franz Kafka, Saki, and others. Not only had it made the great classics easily available to the common masses but also translated various works in the different languages of India so that no one can be bereft of the magic of literature. With the passage of time, they not only restricted themselves to translation but also spread their vision towards the various genres which not only included fiction but also consisted of astrology, health, management to cater to the customized needs.

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Even after being a power-house of the literary icon of the country like Tushar Raheja, Preeti Shenoy, Ravinder Singh, Durjoy Dutta and Sudeep Nagarkar; the Srishti didn’t get swayed in the tide and revolutionized the market with its unique concept of  ‘100 Bucks Book’ which took the mass market fiction completely under its’ charm. When once asked by a popular magazine about how he (Jayanta Kumar Bose) manages to produce so many bestselling authors he quoted; “We found most of these authors through one simple route: unsolicited manuscript submissions by young chaps who felt “if XYZ can write, so can I”.

Undoubtedly Srishti Publishers has been making its core meaning “Srijan or Creation” meaningful by changing the perception and outlook of the publishing industry which used to be an access point just for the hardcore scholars. And indeed the day would not be far when the young minds would find themselves privileged to find a platform which could make their masterpieces being read globally without being fancied by an international publisher.