Starmass Signed MoUs with IL&FS and NAC to Create Jobs and Monitor Infrastructure in India

One of the leading Infrastructure conglomerates, Starmass Group has signed MoUs with The National Academy of Construction and IL&FS to create work on capacity building and imparting technical skills in Indian workforce and create jobs

Starmass Signed MoUs with IL&FS and NAC to Create Jobs and Monitor Infrastructure in India
Starmass Signed MoUs with IL&FS and NAC to Create Jobs and Monitor Infrastructure in India

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s India visit has been historic with both governments and private sectors of both countries have signed a number of memorandum of understandings (MoUs) to foster relations and participate in each other’s development process.

More than 66 new commercial contracts worth more than $1 billion have been signed India and Canada. Many Indian companies like Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Jubilant Life Sciences, Consus Global, Valiant communications Limited has signed the agreement for more job creation to strengthen the economic condition between India and Canada.

Starmass Group, one of the leading conglomerate in Infrastructure, Environment, and Energy signed a few MoUs during Trudeau’s India visit. Starmass Environment Technologies Corporation signed an agreement with Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS) Water Ltd, a subsidiary of IL&FS India, to add value to their water sector services to address some of the acute and immediate concerns of the water utility industry. They will use some of the very high potential technologies available with Starmass using smart contracts and blockchain technology for leak detection, automated meter reading, and water systems integration.

The National Academy of Construction has also signed a partnership agreement with Starmass Canada. This is the first ever initiative in India and a milestone in Indo-Canadian cooperation. This will help build capacity in India’s technical workforce. This partnership will impart key skills in assessment, evaluation of structural soundness of aging physical infrastructure, rehabilitation, operation, and maintenance areas, leading to the protection of Indian physical assets. The estimated value of this partnership is $2 million over a period of 5 years.

Innovation ties between India and Canada are going to add immense value in terms of technology sharing and capacity building. IC-IMPACTS and SenseIndia, part of Starmass Group, a global provider of turnkey solutions for infrastructure, will collaborate to monitor the health of bridges and public infrastructure using high- tech sensors. This venture represents the success of small and medium-sized enterprises to collaborate across international boundaries and expand technological innovations in infrastructure, energy, and the environment.

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Starmass Group is an infrastructure development conglomerate which undertakes projects to Assess, Monitor and Rehabilitate Infrastructure for a sustained and efficient performance. The group is involved practically in all types of Civil infrastructure – including, Structures, Bridges, Dams, Water Networks, Industries.

With the world moving towards the culture of automation. The companies are trying to adapt itself to the rapid change in the technologies and are still striving to make its effect in the creation of new job opportunities. There are few companies who could fully establish its foot in this automation world.

Starmass established in the year 1984, works mainly in the field of Heritage, Industrial, transportation, Energy, Municipal, Institutional and Critical Infrastructure has been able to adopt with the pace of fast-growing technologies. Its infrastructural works mainly have been involved in the fields where there is a lot of scope for Automation.

One of the companies involved in it is Starmass. To automate the water utility industries,  Starmass will use the smart Contracts and the blockchain technology for various purposes like leak detection, automated meter reading and water systems. It will collaborate with Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS) Water Ltd, a subsidiary of IL&FS India.

This Indo-Canadian cooperation will help to build many new jobs in various sectors of IT infrastructure. The estimated value of this program is $2 million for a period of 5 years. The Indian technical workforce will get the opportunities to learn new evolving technologies.

Many high-tech sensors will be used for the monitoring of the health of bridges and public infrastructures. IC-IMPACTS and SenseIndia will collaborate to take these responsibilities. Many more small and medium companies will get the opportunities to work in the first ever project fully meant for the automation of existing system.

About Starmass

Starmass commenced its activities about 30 years ago in the year 1984 as a specialist contract division of a private limited company. Encouraged by an overwhelming response to its highly skilled and diverse fields of activity in the year 1994 – Starmass Environment Technologies Corporation was incorporated as a separate entity in USA. Starmass has since gained valuable domain experience in the core disciplines of Infrastructure, Environment and Energy. Starmass’s area of focus is the interaction between Infrastructure, Environment and Energy.

Thus Starmass offers turnkey solutions as Infrastructure technologies, Environment Systems Integration, Environment Change, Built Environment, Energy Management, Waste Management and Geospatial Technologies Starmass has over time acquired the required expertise to provide customized solutions to imparting a sustained balance to areas that overlap as well as interfaces between Infrastructure, Environment and Energy. Starmass’s solutions strive to maintain integrity and stability of Infrastructural elements subject to energy cycles and open to rudiments of the environment.