How to Stop Fake News?

In this age of digital era, fake news has become mainstream. Fake news are so widespread, people are totally confused to differentiate fake news from reality. Here is a guide on how to filter out fake news.

How to Stop Fake News
How to Stop Fake News

A campaign has been carried out in helping improving the news literacy among the citizens of United States. The fundamental question in that campaign is to gauge whether the participant knows where the news is coming from. This campaign has been carried out by International Consortium of Investigative Journalist (ICIJ).

The ‘Support Real News’ of News Media Alliance has aimed in raising awareness  about the important role of news produced by trustworthy and reputable organizations, according to David Chavern, President and CEO of News Media Alliance.This campaign wants public supporting real news outlets, such as ICIJ, by reading and subscribing trusted news sources that the trained journalists produce.

According to Gerard Ryle, the director of ICIJ, the cross border investigations carried out by ICIJ are indicators of the importance of the roles played by the journalist in democratic society.Ryle further said, “In Pakistan, for example, it has been nearly 18 months since the Panama Papers was first published and we’re still seeing the effect there. The Prime Minister had to stand down and is under continued scrutiny. There have also been waves of legislative change, ongoing official investigations and important public discussions based on the work of ICIJ and its partners around the world.”

His claims are buttressed by the rigorous fact-checking policy of ICIJ as this ensuring of the fact that trust can be laid of all the works published.

It should be ensured that the journalist knows exactly who was responsible in producing information that the reader is reading. “Is it a reporter on the ground? A bystander? An “anonymous source” or “law enforcement official?” The source of the information must be established. More so, no information should be shared that does not have citation.

Michael MaLoon, Vice president of News Media Alliance opined that digitization of news means a much harder proposition in telling the difference between the fake news and real news.“That’s why it’s important to know the red flags to look out for that may indicate a story is not real.”