The surrogacy even being banned in a lot of countries is being practised in countries like Ukraine which is a blot for the humanity.


    How beautifully someone has said; “I didn’t lose myself when I became a mother. I found myself.” Such words which used to be recited and written piously in the praise of motherhood seems losing its meaning as we have found a new way of attaining the piousness of motherhood and is popular under the name of “Surrogacy“.

    Surrogacy which could be defined as renting a womb for your baby if we talk in a layman language is gaining widespread popularity in major parts of the world. Even though this surrogacy was coined in order to facilitate those women who were not able to produce a child, the surrogacy has become a matter of luxury for upper-class women and a new method of exploitation for the poor and deprived women. How shameful it is that in the wake of modernization and materialism these upper-class women find being a mother as a loss in their so-called sexy figure and try to get the pleasure of mother by exploiting a poor lady for few bucks.

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    They love to call themselves mother but they hardly care for the surrogate’s health conditions which they have to go through, leave aside the emotional attachment. Its’ totally useless to talk about the emotional attachment of these ultra-modern ladies for those poor surrogates mothers who have been the reason for their pride which they flaunt in their kitty parties and social gatherings.

    Even though considering the perils of surrogacy countries like India, Nepal, Thailand and few other countries have barred this inhumane act, it has been still in practice where some insensitive governments without having a care for sentiments of a mother have legalized it with some terms and conditions.

    Recent news by BBC has once again put the light on surrogacy in Ukraine where a surrogate is allowed to carry someone else’s child if she has her at least one child. Even though the liberal laws of Ukraine don’t give a damn how much a surrogate can earn for a baby, it is needless to mention the terrible pain which a surrogate mother have to go through in order to cope up with their poverty. Even though it appears that everything is going fine as it has grown more than 1000% in last two years but one can hardly ignore from the agencies having bad reputations, bureaucratic hassles, corruption, poor health screenings and a lot of other factors which are exploiting the women.

    How much people flaunt about the benefits of surrogacy, it is more than an undeniable fact that surrogacy is a shame for humanity!

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