SwadharGreh: A scheme for women facing difficult circumstances

The scheme foresees to provide food, shelter, health, clothing as well as social and economic security for the women.

SwadharGreh: A scheme for women facing difficult circumstances

The SwadharGreh Scheme has been implemented by the Ministry of Women and Child Development that seeks to help the women victims of tremendous circumstances who are in great need of rehabilitation so that they can lead a good life with dignity. The scheme foresees to provide food, shelter, health, clothing as well as social and economic security for the women.

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Objectives of the scheme-

The main objectives as to why this scheme was implemented can be divided into five parts. Firstly, the women will be provided with temporary residential places with the allowance of food, medical facilities, clothing, etc. Secondly, skill up-gradation and vocational training for economic rehabilitation will also be provided for such women. Thirdly, awareness generation, counseling, and behavioral training will also be taught to them. Fourthly, guidance and legal aid. Lastly, the facility of counseling through telephone will also be provided.


The benefit of the scheme could be used by women above 18 years of age in certain categories. The categories are:

  1. Women who are mainly deserted and are without any social and economic support,
  2. Women who survived natural disasters who have been without homes and are not getting any social and economic support,
  3. Women prisoners who are released from jail and are without any family, or any sort of social and economic support,
  4. Women who are victims of domestic violence, family discord of tension, who are made to leave their homes without any means of maintenance and have no special protection from exploitation or facing litigation issues on grounds of marital disputes, and
  5. Trafficked women/girls who are rescued or run away from brothels or any other places where they face heavy exploitation and even women affected by HIV/AIDS who do not have any sort of social or economic support. However, such women/ girls must first look for assistance under UJJAWALA Scheme in areas where it is available.

Women who are affected by domestic violence can stay up to one year. For other various categories of women, the maximum they can stay is 3 years. The elder women above 55 years might be accommodated for a maximum of 5 years after which they will have to shift to old age homes or something like it.

SwadharGreh facilities can also be used by the children accompanying women in the above-stated categories. Boys up to the age of 8 and girls up to the age of 18 can stay with their mothers in SwadharGreh.

The criteria of eligibility-

  1. State Government agencies including Women Development Corporations established by the State Governments
  2. Central or State autonomous bodies
  3. Municipal Bodies
  4. Cantonment Boards
  5. Panchayati Raj Institutions and Co-operative institutions
  6. Departments of Women and Child Development/Social Welfare of the State Governments which may construct SwadharGreh and run them on their own or lease them to the organization(s) having requisite experience for such period as deemed fit, for managing the operations under this scheme
  7. Public Trusts registered under any law for the time being in force
  8. Civil Society Organizations such as NGOs etc. have a proven track record of working in the fields of women’s welfare/social welfare/ women’s education subject to the condition that such organization is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860 or any relevant State Act.

Guidelines for admission policy

When women who come to such SwadharGreheither on their own are stated by others, the very first step will be to know their social background, mainly the reason for their distress and even the problem of their adjustment. There will be a specialized interview and case file would even be done by the counselor to help her to overcome her trauma as well as to identify the availability of services available per the needs of the victim at SwadharGrehas.

Initially, she would be interviewed by the counselors and the initial stage of diagnosis of the issue are the most crucial in deciding the programs for such women.

On arrival, she must be registered in the register of admission with details like name, address, details of children (only if any), details of her problem, and also the source of reference.

Every case must have a separate file with the entire case record, addresses of her relatives, referral letters, and other letters/records relating to the court case, police, etc. A record of assistance provided must even be maintained. These case files must be updated and even open for inspection by any officer at any time of the Government.

The information of each victim admitted in the SwadharGreh must be sent to the closest police station within 24 hours and an acknowledgment of FIR must be kept on record. A similar sort of information about the discharge of any resident must be given to the same police station at least 24 hours before such discharge.

If the women bring any valuables with her such as gold, silver, jewelry etc. the details must be entered in a register meant for the purpose and countersigned by the Resident Superintendent and the resident. The valuables must be kept in safe and secured custody and handed over to the woman when she leaves the institution.

Every woman will be given a Photo ID Card, if she certainly does not have an Aadhaar card and even action for obtaining Aadhaar Card, she must be obtained immediately.

A medical check-up of each woman would be taken within 3 days of her admission. The arrangement of medical check-ups must be made by the organization in the closest government-run hospital or dispensary. Cases that require immediate medical attention must be referred to nearest government-run hospitals immediately.

There must be facilities for recreation and group activities. Facilities for both indoor and outdoor games should be given. They should be taken out for outings, movies, picnics, and exhibitions, etc. at least once a month. The SwadharGreh even celebrates all religious festivals, Republic Day, Independence Day, and even the birthdays of the children who have active involvement in residents.

The agency that is implementing would be responsible for vocational training of the residents through the Skill Development Initiative (SDI) scheme of the Ministry of Labour and Employment or Ministry of Skill Development.

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SwadharGreh: A scheme for women facing difficult circumstances
The scheme foresees to provide food, shelter, health, clothing as well as social and economic security for the women.
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