The Big Fat Indian Wedding: it’s time to say NO!

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Most of the marriage ceremonies in India have been put on hold because of the lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic, but some people just decided to take the celebration to a very intimate affair with fewer people, starting a trend. More than a cultural change, this has been an emotional variation which most people are still trying to get used to. But, is the coronavirus a necessary evil in this case to bring a halt to the big fat Indian wedding?

There are some critical facts to know about the Indian wedding industry. Statistics show that about 20% of India’s loan applications every year by an age group of 20 to 30 is to suffice their wedding expenditure. The cost of food, aesthetics, decoration, theme, venue, and gifts adds to a significant burden on those who cannot afford it. Moreover, the Indian wedding market is worth over 3 lakh crores, standing next to just the United States of America. The Indian wedding has turned into a grand business that people are socially pressured to be a part of. There are not many discussions over anxiety and depression that the marriage’s thought brings to middle-class Indian parents. But the coronavirus has flipped the scene entirely.

The Nikah Forever campaign

The Nikah Forever campaign strongly advocates for a simple wedding and tells people not to shy away from spending the minimum amount as per their capacity at weddings. They are running social media campaigns with hashtags like #NoToBigFatWeddings, and so far, they have received very positive responses. The campaign has been live for 18 days now, and over 1.12 lakh people have signed up for this noble cause. They have gained mass support on the thought that weddings should be the union of two souls and a bond that pure should not end up being a merger of status and wealth.

COVID-19 has brought a great opportunity to us, and it is upon us to think about how to continue benefiting from it in the future. Nikah Forever has already taken the initiative to work for this noble cause. They require you and as many as you can share this with to come forward and break this myth around extravagant weddings. Now is the time to move towards a future where the bride and groom’s happiness matters more than greeting 1000 guests whom you will never see again.

The Indian wedding industry, a hub of opportunities and employment, is still not a good option for most people belonging to lower-income households. It is good to know how much you can spend and celebrate accordingly. Let not the teachings of the pandemic fade away once all of this is over. Low-budget weddings need to be normalized more than ever, in the crumbling economy.

You can join Nikah Forever and pledge allegiance to their initiative of no extravagant weddings. Even if you are from a well-off family, charity or saving for the future is much better than throwing a party for almost strangers

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The Big Fat Indian Wedding: it’s time to say NO!
Amidst the lockdown and a global pandemic, the face of Indian weddings has changed completely. The Nikah Forever campaign is running social media campaigns with hashtags like #NoToBigFatWeddings, and so far, they have received very positive responses.
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