The Curse by Monami Nag


Oh my son I have gifted you green fields Rich harvests,thevast open Blue with starry nights Pregnant with promises

Like achild typical with his playthings your self was boxed in toys namely-money,mansion cars,property,jewels…a new beginning from one box to other

When your companions came to share your game,you chose to neglect them, they were condescended as trees,birds animals ;the river wept back

You had already lost the ears to listen to autumnal murmur,your cornea could no more capture the north star ,desperate shrieks could no more touch Stapes

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The glass windows were well-bolted,the doors stood plea proof as if a habitual separation granted before the final divorce I was to be exiled with my trees

So my Lakhindar I will send the venomous Mansa with pointed crowns.she will bear Malevolent Your Behula will not come to rescue;I will lock the door myself

Your Porsche,your ten-storieds Malabar gold, the dollars will be safe in safe, the brown smoky fields will again turn green Your pride will be plummeted.




Monami Nag

(M.A. B.Ed, NET MPHIL)Serving as the Principal of Tarakeswar Girls High’School.
Writer of reference books with State Government and Unicef.
Worked with CFAR NGO in collaboration with FORD FOUNDATION.
Published Bengali poems in Kolkata Municipal Corporation Purosree and English poems and short story published in British Council Workshop.
Participated in national and international conferences in Calcutta University, Osmania University,Bankura University,Rome University.


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The Curse by Monami Nag
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