The Evolution of Customer Relationship Management


In India, it has evolved a great deal, from a minor functionality of customer databases to now a full 360-degree view of customer interactions.

Nasir Khan, Founder, and Director of FyNSis Softlabs Private Limited has understood the dynamics of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its need of the hour for businesses.

“Companies have different segments of customers they need to target. Fynsis achieves to make tailor-made CRM service packages that will help a business’s goals and needs. Along with this, we take care of the rest of the technological space for a company from website development, e-commerce, and enterprise mobile app development. Hence we create a packaged end to end solution that leverages a company’s intelligence in multiple dimensions,” Khan said enthusiastically.

With a custom-made package, the businesses that opt for CRM can either choose a more customer-focused application, or a financial information focused application or a mixture of both.

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Nasir Khan’s decade-long service has put together a unique and helpful product to help businesses use CRM to its advantage. The technologies have helped incorporate in making FyNSis the Largest SuiteCRM partner.

Taking into consideration the use of smartphones, many businessmen are now on the move. Hence Nasir has paved a way to ensuring that businessmen can access and work on customer relationships through his mobile application for SuiteCRM.

The CRM industry is worth $25 billion and growing every year. With the power of technologies such as Open Source and SuiteCRM top-notch services can be gained.

According to a survey conducted by Nucleus Research, CRM offers more than $8 for every $1 spent. This means that the value generated out of CRM is very high.

The same survey has proven that sales representatives have increased in productivity when accessing CRM platforms on their mobile phone. With an astounding 87% of organizations realizing that organizations rely on employees to use mobile devices to access business applications.

At the end of the day- ‘The customer is always right!’