The Myth of Move On

    Is really the Move On, the magical mantra of today’s relationships are a panacea of their problems or they need to glance at mirrors which have been made opaque.

    The Myth of Move On
    The Myth of Move On

    Since the eternity human have felt love for someone irrespective of gender, caste, religion and a hell lot of other customized boundaries which the society have created in order to demarcate itself. Whether it is the love for his siblings, his inmates or even towards a creature whom we call animal in the language of civilized people it has been seen with utmost respect. Even though since ages various theories have tried to define love as something psychological, chemical, biological transition it has withstood those ideologies in its journey. Not only they have been tried to define but also people have tried to evaluate the intensity of different form of love on different parameters. The parameters which have been either distinguished to distinguish this indefinable emotion have been either the prey of our self-conceived notion or some ideologies which we have been destined to grasp since childhood. No matter how much we have tried to evaluate this emotion this emotion have showered its intensity explicitly either publicly or secretly. Even if we have tried to remain aloof from this emotion it have been nearly impossible as whatever be the case, we have felt love for someone at some point of time in our life.

    The Magical Mantra

    Even after regarded as a highly pious virtue, it have transformed itself into a poison and due credit to our thought-process. The days are over when falling in love was seen as a blessing and we used to try our best in order to be a part of this blessing. Love which is used to be an irrational factor as we were accustomed of hardly caring about any prejudices and boundaries have turned rational. Earlier those factors which were seen with respectful eyes are now seen as matter of stupidity. Reason being! We have conditioned our thought-process which have been ignited through the magical mantra of Move On. A mantra which today seems to be the guiding force behind all our relationships as we feel ourselves getting equipped with something magical? A panacea which can heal all the wounds of relationships. An antidote which can cure all the problems of the journey which was once solemn and now have turned itself into a stupidity.

    What an irony!

    Mirror of Malfeasance

    What a heart-rending aspect it is for us? Even if we just try to have a bird’s eye view over the so-called mantra we will find it completely full of fallacies. The fallacies of our relationship which we are trying to dip bury on the name of Move On. The illogical thought-process which have silently crawled into our relationship over a period of time are being tried to throw away which is itself illogical and vague. The stupidity which we have committed during our pious journey are being tried to rectify through one other stupidity which is obviously not possible. The mirrors which need to be glanced are covered through the opaqueness of Move On. The irrationality which was once a part of such a beautiful and solemn journey are being forced to be rational contrary to its nature through one of the biggest barrier of such a beautiful journey. The mistakes which we have been committing are tried to be covered through one other malfeasance. The responsibilities which need to be bore on our shoulders are shrugged off through our completely absurd decision which we consider one of the wisest decisions of our life.
    Are we really wise??

    The Concluding Words

    We all need to understand that love whom today we have tried to implant in the boundaries of rationality and other things are just a barrier of this pious journey which can never be enlightened through our illogical decisions like Move On. The time has come that we need to move smoothly in our relationships irrespective of barriers rather than giving it an abrupt halt through Move On.

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