The Politics of Divide and Rule

There is a re-awakening of the politics of divide and rule, and an exclusion of ‘them’ and ‘us’. The world is being shattered by the evils of politics. Nations and communities are being divided on racial and communal line. And global leaders are not shy from spewing venom and triggering massacres.

The Politics of Divide and Rule
The Politics of Divide and Rule

In the past week, the world has witnessed the May 14 Palestine massacre, while the US celebrated the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem. In just less than 24 hours, 60 Palestinians were murdered and thousands injured. In Kashmir, villagers were shot at by the army just because they declined to accept their Iftar party. And a humanitarian crisis is brewing in Yemen. The idealism of the community has been destroyed. The welfare of citizens has been shredded. The cries of orphaned children and widowed women no longer have the effect. Innocent bodies found in debris don’t shatter hearts, anyone.

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Gone is the era, when the nations stood up to make right the wrongs and held the perpetrators accountable. The US no longer stands for the people’s rights and freedom. In fact, it now feels very much threatened by the very idea of people’s rights and freedom. India in the name of democracy has divided the national communally. Marrying the person from a different religion is now regarded as a conspiracy and anti-national. Cow meat consumers are brutally killed in the streets and young women and babies being raped, is ‘just’ normal. The commoners are at the receiving end.

Looking at India’s and US last elections, the voters who brought the respective leaders into power, were so desperate for a change that they powered their destructions! What were they thinking to have voted for such men! But the platform had been set. The fanatical, bigoted and agitated had been widely mobilized into a gigantic voting bloc, and vote they did. We live in a community that is easily led by hatred and egomaniacs. They are easily strayed by leaders who don’t have the ‘right’ facts and figures. The people are emotionally cowed. By igniting and fanning hatred than spreading peace and unity, the leaders are unleashing doom upon themselves. Decisive politics doesn’t bring about world peace or a mutual understanding. It causes deep divide and terror.

At the end of the day, it is all about power – to win, to retain control and to rule our minds.