The prospects of war between Iran and the US are uncertain

Iran fired more than 20 rockets at US military bases in Iraq in retaliation on January 7th & 8th 2020, which reported the deaths of several American soldiers. Iran has stepped up its nuclear production by several times ignoring the international community’s demands.

The prospects of war between Iran and the US are uncertain

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Nazimuddin Farooqi        

(Scholar, Opinion Leader, Analyst, columnist, and social worker)

Iran’s most powerful General Qasim Soleimani and his two deputies were killed in a drone attack on January 3, 2020, near the Baghdad airport. After his death, the differences between Iran and the United States have increased substantially and there is an increase in the hostility. There were Strong protests against the United States in Iran and the supreme religious leader of Iran has issued threats of strong retaliation to the United States and carried out two attacks. Dozens of missiles were fired on two of the US bases in Iraq. Iran has claimed that 80 US troops have been killed, which the United States is denying. There were signs of a new war in the area of the region on the international level. Donald Trump made it clear that General Soleimani’s supporters and the armed groups under his leadership had continued the bloodshed. “That’s why we killed them.” ۔ During the tension, a Ukrainian Airliner near Tehran was hit in an accident in which 180 Iranian students were aboard. Trump told Canada to investigate who attacked the passenger plane with a missile; the Iranian government has not yet released any statement. The United States does not want a war with Iran, many times in its press briefing it repeated that the United States wants to single out Iran against its deadly ambitions only through economic constraints. Iran’s frozen assets that were released during the Obama era have again been frozen by the US on the orders of Trump.

Iran fired more than 20 rockets at US military bases in Iraq in retaliation on January 7th & 8th 2020, which reported the deaths of several American soldiers. Iran has stepped up its nuclear production by several times ignoring the international community’s demands.

Iran is certainly neither, Afghanistan, nor Syria, but it is the only Muslim country with the largest no of scientists, engineers, economists, and financial experts. Therefore, despite all the long-standing restrictions & embargos and sanctions, Iran is still economically self-reliant and sovereign. The United States realizes that any escalation against Iran will not only prolong the war, but the United States will be trapped in a quagmire of war and it will be difficult to get out of it. Iran is a Shiite Islamic republic whose aspirational aspects of democracy are exemplary. In the last 41 years, 38 general elections were held. The people are conscious and united under their leading spiritual leaders. Iran is like Turkey and Malaysia an equally developed country in industrial production.

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As a student of international politics and political analyst, a careful study of the changed and changing circumstances, my findings are that go unnoticed by media audiences and readers; what is being played is a game shrouded in mystery.

It is a strange coincidence that since October 2019, the protests of the youth in Iran and Iraq were widespread. Iranian youths started protesting against rising unemployment In October 2019, more than 20 youth were killed and more than 3,000 injured. There were also terrorist attacks during the annual celebration of Iranian forces. Meanwhile, there were large scale protests in Iraq against the corruption, unemployment and the absence of a government system for the past 16 years. The angry youth in Iraq were out in the streets against the imperial forces of Iran and the United States & were protesting all over the country against the political and economic sufferings for the past 3 months. “Oreedo Haqqi” I want my right “Iran killed indiscriminately several of the youth leaders to crush the public uprising against it in Iraq killing more than 500 protesters and injuring more than 4000. The people were demanding a complete change of the entire political system and the economic system. Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdul Mahdi was forced to resign.

Among the main demands of the protesters were that ‘Iraq is for the Iraqi people’. Let us create our political system and economic system. We should not have the Puppet governments that are run under the influence of Iran and the United States.

Iran was concerned that the demonstrations may have been triggered under a conspiracy by external forces, which resulted in the death of dozens of people during the interrogations due to third-degree torture.

In the 16 years since Saddam Hussein’s ouster, the unrest and bloodshed that the Iraqi people have been going through have never been experienced by Iraqis in history. If we look at the post-Saddam Hussein era, we will find that the United States has handed over Iraq to more than 30 international large private security companies like Black Water. The problem in Iraq was not confined just to put an end to the regime of Saddam by sentencing him to death. There were undeclared goals that the United States wanted to achieve to do so with the help of Iran the US, destroyed Iraq completely socially & economically.

(1) Since 60% of Iraq’s population is Shiite, Sunni rulers dominated the government for centuries, under the rule of Saddam Hussein; the Sunni rule was prevalent in every department.

It was a great challenge for Iran to establish an effective Shi’ite Iraqi government in the presence of Sunnis. Therefore, more than 1 million Sunni highly educated Iraqis were systematically killed. A vacuum was created first In Iraq and then Iran and the United States restructured all the departments following their choice.

Hundreds of secret torture cells were set up, such as Abu Ghuraib, in which scientists, professors, engineers, top officials of the government and the military have been killed by torture. No effort was spared to eliminate the Sunnis from the scene. Then a weak Shi’ite regime was installed with the support of Iran and the United States, which helped only the Shiite organizations and parties the chance to win elections. In 16 years after Saddam Hussein, all 23 Prime Ministers who occupied the office in Iraq robbed the government of $ 583 billion from the government treasures, details of which are shocking and shameful.

(2) The Second important objective was to how the governments occupying Iraq’s immense wealth Iran and the United States would divide it between themselves equally for many centuries to come.

Iraq is the world’s largest oil-producing country with an annual output of 33 million barrels. Saudi Arabia and Iran are next in production.

(3) A third point that the United States has raised is; the United States has been serving the Iraqi people for the past 16 years for self-determination, freedom, and welfare. And 4,000 US troops have died and suffered severe war casualties to end terrorism and ISIS. The losses must be compensated including those which occurred due to the destruction of the US Embassy which was set on fire by the protesting mob. Now, the Iraqi government has to pay for it.

The US says the Iraqi parliament and the government are too weak politically and administratively to run the government on their own! The Iraqi parliament has passed a resolution calling on the United States to close its military bases and return of US Troops to the US. The US has rejected its demands as an immature statement by the Iraqi parliament.

The pertinent question as to why the people of a country rich in oil wealth are suffering the worst economic decline and unemployment, why have these powers deprived the Iraqi people of the fair and equitable distribution of national oil wealth. Very few analysts look at this factor as to where does the multibillion-dollar revenue of oil produced by Iraq is going?

The fact is that the United States and Iran share the Iraqi national oil revenues through a secret pact this has been going on for the past 16 years.  This is the main reason due to which Iraq today has emerged as a major catastrophe. Everything that was before 2003 was destroyed and the people of Iraq are suffering all the problems of poverty, hunger, and health-related issues.

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The mass unrest that arose in October 2019 was titled “Give Me My Right”. There was so much anger among the people that they were unwilling to accept any Shiite religious or political leader, and a strong protest against Iran and the United States began; which resulted in the mobs not agreeing even on the resignation of Adel Abdul Mahdi the Prime Minister, but on the whole, the demand for a new political system without the interference of US OR IRAN grew more intense.

To get out of this situation, and to divert the attention of the people from the issue of unemployment & uprising against the US & IRAN the two countries may have adopted an Emergency Exit Strategy.

This is what led to the elimination of General Qasim Soleimani to make the region peaceful not only to keep the people of both Iraq & Iran but also to divert the international attention to the prospects of war between Iran and the United States.

Former Jordanian chief of staff said very important after the death of General Soleimani. “He was not an ordinary general as he had under his Control, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Yemen a total area of 80,000 sq. kilometer territory in his complete control. Many of his armed groups in Syria, Iraq and other countries were active under different names they have complete control. He has been instrumental in preventing Shiite opposition both political & religious opponents from all over the region”. All this would not have been possible without US consent.

In addition to suppressing the Iranian and Iraqi public protests, the United States also had to appease the leaders of the Gulf countries, saying that we have retaliated against the ideology of Iran. And Iran can no longer take any action against you. Iran is referring to “severe revenge” but is it possible for Iran to do so we have to wait & watch to know soon.

Analysts realize that these two countries have adopted a two-pronged policy. Let the war tensions help us extract additional revenues through the oil market and keep the people of both the countries guessing about the war prospects and forget about their welfare and having a government that takes care of their interests.

Will Iran and the United States agree to the economic and political reforms, recognizing the demands of the protesters? Hard to say when the Iraqi people will have a share in their national wealth!!

The writer feels that the Iraqi people are again divided into two parts and the United States and Iran have succeeded in breaking the backbone of public protests.

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The prospects of war between Iran and the US are uncertain
Iran fired more than 20 rockets at US military bases in Iraq in retaliation on January 7th & 8th 2020, which reported the deaths of several American soldiers. Iran has stepped up its nuclear production by several times ignoring the international community’s demands.
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