This Government school of Chhattisgarh is defeating other Private schools

When we imagine about government schools, our mind creates a picture of broken roofs, dripping water and dirt. But there is a school in Chhattisgarh that will change the picture of our mind. There is a government school in Chhattisgarh whose education facilities and management are defeating private schools.

This Government school of Chhattisgarh is defeating other Private schools
This Government school of Chhattisgarh is defeating other Private schools

The Shankargarh Block of Balrampur District in Chhattisgarh state, which has been only six years old, but the condition of government schools here is better than the other government schools. Balrampur is in remote areas outside Sarguja, which is covered with mountains and dense forests. Shankargarh in Balrampur district filled with the densely populated tribal population.

A ‘Model Play School’, which sounds like private schools, but it is the name of the government school of the Shankargarh. The arrangements provided to the children here are not less than the private schools.

Here are some of the features of Model Play School:

Government School with a Green Atmosphere:

This school is equipped with new facilities, tiled flooring, better infrastructure, and management as well as a green atmosphere. Colorful paintings have been created in the Boundary wall of School, which enhances self-confidence and attraction towards education in children. This school has given a formal education to the children as well as the importance of nature and the message to be educated towards them is illustrated on the walls of the school in a beautiful way.

Better seating arrangement for children:

While the children of the government school are forced to sit on the ground but in this government school in Balrampur, there is a provision for better table-chair for sitting children and teachers. The remaining government schools of the districts should learn from the government school of Balrampur and improve the condition of their schools.

Smart Classroom:

This school looks smart from the outside and there is also a smart facility inside it. If you talk about smart class, then you do not get the name of any government school in the state where there is a smart classroom. But, this school located in the remote zone, where there is no special access to technology and internet, but it is a matter of great pride for the district that children are being taught through the smart classroom in the absence of Internet and technical equipment.

Balrampur Collector Awnish Kumar Sharan has worked hard to develop this district, which can be judged by looking at the Government school here. Collector Awnish has a special inclination towards education. Collector Awnish enrolled his daughter in government school which encouraging other government schools.

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Apart from these, the falling level of government schools in Chhattisgarh state is not hidden from the people, but the better infrastructure provided to government schools and children built in Balrampur is an example of the fact that the level of government education in the state is still strong.

Other government schools in Chhattisgarh should take a lesson from the ‘Modern Play School’ and improve the status of the government schools which have become dismal in the city but if we look another side, the government schools in other district are very bad in condition. If you look especially in Chhattisgarh, in many Gram Panchayats coming to Bharatpur Vikaskhand in Koria district, there is no toilet facility for the students. In the primary school run in Gram Masora of Bharatpur Vikaskhand, about 140 km from the district headquarter, there in 49 children where Girls do not have toilets in the premises. This condition is same in other government schools.

The condition of Kanker District:

There is a huge shortage of teachers in many schools in Kanker district. Many schools are running on the basis of only one teacher. Only a teacher Meghnath Netam has raised the responsibility of teaching about 28 children studying in the primary school in Kokker village of Kanker district. Although the government has appointed two teachers here. Even after this, a teacher, Hatem Bohra, comes to visit only two times a year in school. The children said that Guruji Hamit Bohra, living in Kanker, is seen only on special occasions.

Water crises:

Your thirst is extinguished after drinking water. A toilet has been built behind the school, but toilets have not been used for several months, because there is no water in the toilet and garbage and clay is full on the sheet.

Government claims:

The government raises the claims about education, but at the grassroots, these claims appear to be hollow. The top officials of the Education Department do not inspect these schools and neither take the action towards teachers.

The condition of government schools in Delhi is better:

Thus, if looking at the condition of government schools across the country, the condition of some government schools is better than today’s private schools and its latest example can be seen in the country’s capital. The ‘Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya’ of Rause Avenue of the capital, it has been made the first ‘model government school’ of Delhi. In this school, the projectors, labs and other facilities have been developed. The purpose of the government is to set up a benchmark through ‘Model Government School’. In this way, government students will be able to get free quality education up to 12 students.

If the government of Delhi can improve the condition of the government schools, then why can not the other states be working in the path of improving government schools of their state? The Funds which has been given for education and development of children proves this fact that the funds are not being used in the proper place. It is said that students are the roots of development in a country. We can never hope for a successful country if there are no educated people and policy for better education. Students who learn today, they will work for future of the country. In future, they are the pillar of public and private sector and country depends on them.