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Trump Betrays the USA and Goes Putin’s Way

In a moment of shock, a press conference with Donald Trump and Putin ended up very differently to what was expected. Donald Trump was expected to hail the USA and the FBI’s work on finding out Russia’s innermost workings in the election scandal. However, he praised Putin, Russia and attacked his very own country’s chief information officers from the FBI. Putin looked happy indeed, while Donald Trump succumbed to the fear of Russia.

Bye bye to Yahoo Messenger

Before Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger, Yahoo’s very own messenger used to rule the internet messaging world. Everyone loved the once popular messaging application from kids to businessmen. It is finally time now to say goodbye, with users having six months to download previous chat history. People who want to continue using it will be redirected to the new group messaging application called Squirrel.

One of the biggest Recoveries in a Tax raid in India

There has been INR 160 crore found, along with 100 kg bullion at a road construction firm called  SPK Group of Companies spread across Tamil Nadu. Figures are said to increase even further with raids still being underway. Chennai has been known to hold the most illegal and undisclosed sum with INR 110 Crore raided in 2016 after demonetization from a mining baron. Sources state that SPK Group is closely linked to the ruling AIADMK party in Tamil Nadu.

Activist Swami Agnivesh Attacked by BJP Workers

In Jharkhand, at an event in Pakur a social activist Swami Agnivesh was punched, kicked and pushed by BJP Yuva Morcha workers. The social activist apparently wanted to discuss matters but instead got beatings physically. The Chanting of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ was echoed while the 80-year-old was being beaten up. Swami Agnivesh is in the hospital where he is being checked if any serious complications have arisen due to the physical assault.