Top 7 Content Writing Tools


This is the age of neck-to-neck competition where everyone is running a rat race to prove themselves. For low performers there exists no place. In order to make a place for themselves in this highly competitive world, people go to any lengths. From trying their hands at multiple fields to carving their niche in a particular domain human race does not leave any stone unturned. If an ambitious soul rest inside you explore it through content writing.

Creating content isn’t as easy as walking in a park. It is a challenging task. Content writing is an art. Whether you take up blogging as a passion or work as a dedicated writer for a company, shaping ideas into words is always a venture for many of them. While improved technology and empowered patrons have heralded the ascend of content marketing. Therefore, the importance of communicating well remains the old age principle.

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Are you struggling with productivity, or is unable to come up with better ideas? Luckily, we have a wide array of writing tools to help you out. Check out the list of top 7 content writing tools:

1 Speaker: Do you wish to make your voice count? Spreaker comes to your rescue! Online application for creating and sharing online audio content across the Internet. Probably you have chosen to speak as your content and not writing. With the speaker, you can commence a journey as radio DJs or presenter of a radio show.

2 Camtasia: An individual browse through millions of videos in a single day. From looking up to lip-smacking recipes to gain information about the working of a digital device everything is just one click away. If you are an aspiring video maker use Camtasia. A software suite to create video tutorials. Equipped with video enhancing options it lets you add music, titles, easy import on the YouTube channel, sharing, etc.

3 Meme Generator: Meme is the next big thing in the town. The human race is enthused by the memes and is constantly indulged in tagging each other in relatable memes. ( The national sport of all adults ). It’s a free online image maker that allows you to add customized text to images. It effectively works on HTML 5.

4 Snappa: You would probably leave a book, or page on a website if it’s only grey matter. The reason you spend hours reading your magazine or a website is all because of graphics. Graphics are not only alluring but informative too. A picture is equal to 1000 words. For startups, local businessmen hiring graphic designers would be too hefty in their pockets. So, become one with Snappa. Easy, quick software to design graphics designs for social media, blog posts, display ads, etc.

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5 Canva: Having one’s own creative website or a personal blog isn’t a flabbergast anymore. One can easily design highly lucrative, amazing pamphlets, websites, brochures and so much more with canvas. It is loaded with easy, enough-to use functionality that allows anyone to create engaging content that gets shared.

6 This application takes you towards your designated aim of being a graphic designer. It lets you design your own infographics in a hassle-free manner and with absolutely no cost. A website consisting of thousands of free infographic templates, design objects that lets you create the best as well you can also share them online.

7 Infographic Video Maker: Use infographic video maker as a part of your digital marketing strategy or to impress a potential client. An opportunity to choose for a varied range of templates, pre-made designs, and a perfect tool to quickly edit and make free infographic videos.

These 7 content writing tools shall provide you an edge over the others in the content writing arena. Make sure you imbibe some of them for enhanced productivity. Happy Writing!!

Article Written By:

                                                   Nitin Gupta