A True Portrait of ‘Selection of Choices’

The recent thriller from the author of the best-selling book “Stranger Trilogy’ once again makes our numbs dry with harsh realities that are hidden in the cocoon of secrecy. Presenting to you Novoneel's upcoming spine-chilling thriller “Forever Is A Lie.”

A True Portrait of ‘Selection of Choices’
A True Portrait of ‘Selection of Choices’

Who would forget the character of “Mean Monster” who was not only a mystery figure among the party circuit of Bengaluru but also served as an eye-opener for the literary world – wrapped up in the typical Indian melodrama. The transformation of this Mean Monster from a banker to a monster and again to a die-hard romantic man was enough to set us on a roller-coaster ride. The Indian literature is riding high on evergreen college romances – the spine-chilling thriller “Forever Is A Lie” is going to prove a milestone in Indian literature. This journey has made us confront with the harsh realities of young college-going kids whether it be Prisha, Gauri or the others who have migrated to new cities after being a victim of their haunted past. The author who has already been renowned for his dark romance and thrillers has taken a bold move to portray the May-December Relationship. This is seen in classics like “Disgrace” of Nobel Prize winning author J.M Coetzee but still has to make its way to the pages in the Indian classics. This topic is seen through the cornered eyes by some people. Such a gallant move can be only put forward through none other than “Novoneel Chakraborty”.

Malignant Metro Life

How much can a person concede their fantasies when getting wings after finding the dazzling lights of the metro? It is safely argued that we have been able to develop a lot in the last few decades but we feel trapped in the magic of metros as “Prisha Srivastav” who even after having a boyfriend back in her hometown, with whom she loses her virginity, agrees for a one-night stand in her subconscious mind. It sounds strange even though acts of young kids consuming alcohol have put forth certain cultural developments! The masterpiece depicts the reality of the malignant metro where neither women are safe nor relationships are divine as we are advised by our friends, Similar to how Gauri advises to Prisha; “Men can find love as many as times as they want to. Why can’t we?”.

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A Reality Check

It seems like everything runs smoothly when you are in a relationship till the moment of the reality test. Not only you consider it as vague but also something foolish as Prisha says, “Utkarsh, My ex was a joke.”. It seems wonderful that the novel tried to have a reality check of college campus where the May-December relationships flourish in utmost secrecy as it is between Gauri and her teacher, Sir Sanjeev. How ironical is it that when we are in a relationship we try to do reality checks as Prisha tries to when Gauri tell about the “Hopelessness in Relationship” in the same way  Saveer Rathod, the Mean Monster who deflowers girls all around the city in the night time and runs a NGO for protecting women in the day. The novel has beautifully made aware of the various paradoxes of life, such as Prisha leaving her former boyfriend for getting in a relationship with a girl, who she tries her best to be in a relationship with one night stands with a variety of girls.

Passing the Past

Since ages the great scholars and philosophers have warned us ‘not to let ourselves immerse in our past as the present has a more beautiful present to present us in the present.” It may hold true for intellectuals, philosophers and scholars but for the common man it seems a mountain to climb. The masterpiece very beautifully depicts the human fallacies which lead us to the wrong selection of choices in order to overcome our haunting past. Every character is beautifully portrayed by being victims of his or her past and falling for the wrong choices. Saveer Rathod turns himself into a Mean Monster claiming it a self-punishment of his soul. Gauri indulges in a relationship with her professor claiming “When the fact that you’re a mistake is hardwired in your psychology since childhood, even a false claim of being loved makes you clutch at that straw with all your life.” Prisha finds herself dumped by the man she loves goes into pursuit of a mystery man. Last but not the least the stories of the mystery woman that is beyond imagination.


The time has come to seek attention to the words of this thriling masterpiece which not only directs us towards the hard realities of life which are somewhere hidden in the cocoon of secrecy but also a guideline for the young novelist to go for something bold which could serve a purpose to society.