U-17 World Cup: From Hosting To Hostility

Is it really necessary to pin-point on the minor deficiencies in the amenities? Rather we should cheer and celebrate our minor achievements

U-17 World Cup
U-17 World Cup

At the time when we have been accustomed of the various mega events of the national game Hockey and the highly popular Cricket organised in our country organized, the hosting of the U-17 World Cup in our country should have been duly received. Not only it should have been welcomed with open hearts but also it should have been a matter of pride for us as it is an open secret how far we lag behind when it comes to the most popular game of the world. It feels really disheartened and all thanks to our media who are in the habit of criticizing each and everything in lieu of their much-needed TRP. Instead of patting the shoulders of the football federation of India; AIFF and the concerned officials who would have worked day and night in order to bring this mega event to our dear nation they found themselves busy in introspecting the things which were of slight importance in comparison to the grandeur of this mega event.

It is understandable that there was an absence of world-class facilities which the football is accustomed to but isn’t it is the fault of our own conscience where we are in the habit of overrating a particular sport or a particular sportsman? Had the football been given their due credit from the beginning would there have been a need of such useless hue and cry from our side on the deficiencies of amenities? It really seems like a heart-ache when people talk about the increased prices of edible and drinking materials in the stadium as it is a new thing which they have been unheard of. Ah! How can we spare the parking of their new brand-cars which found difficulty in parking as we are one of the most advanced traffic-systems in the world? We will seldom complain when we are stucked in a traffic or we find difficulty in parking outside a shopping mall, but we will feel our duty to criticize the organizers once we feel a little bit hassle in parking once we arrive to the stadium. How can we ignore the pointing finger towards the toilet which some media even posted pictures on their website? Indeed! They are free to do so but just only these pictures or the pictures of every fallacies happening in our society?

The most funny thing was when we found people talking about the physique of the Indian players in comparison to the foreign players. Was it a biasness of the people or the example our diseased mentality who are ready to instill the inferiority complex in our players? Can anyone ever forget the legendary Little Master Sunil Gavaskar and Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar who even after their under-average physique ruled over the game during their own time. Or even there is a need to tell something more than the role-model of the current India, the lanky Hardik Pandya who defying all misconceptions is the new Sixer King of the cricketing world as compared to the well-built Chris Gayle and Sahid Afridi.

Inspite of discovering the dupes, we need to celebrate the arrival of this mega event and cheer for our players who are a source of pride to the nation.