U.S. Embassy Dhaka Announces the 2021 EducationUSA Academy Connects Program

Education USA Academy Connects is the virtual program model of EducationUSA Academy, a campus-based college preparatory program for international students. 


The Policy Times Education Bureau :
U.S. Embassy Dhaka is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 EducationUSA Academy Connects college preparatory program.  This is a short-term (three-to-six week) academic enrichment program for 15-to-17-year-old (some schools accept 15- to 18-year-old) foreign nationals.  All programs will be offered exclusively in virtual format.

Education USA Academy Connects is the virtual program model of EducationUSA Academy, a campus-based college preparatory program for international students.  Students must have intermediate or advanced English communication proficiencies to participate in this short-term academic enrichment virtual program.

Each participating U.S. college and university has its respective deadline for submitting applications; deadlines range from May 24 to early July 2021.  Please note some of the host institutions offer scholarships and require applicants to apply for financial assistance by a different deadline.  Be sure to carefully review each school’s application and deadline requirements below.

This program aims at preparing highly qualified international high school students who are well-positioned for future study in the United States.  The program facilitates the development of skills necessary for success as undergraduates at U.S. higher education institutions, in addition to English language training.

Host institutions of the EducationUSA Academy program determine their own program dates, cost, application process and deadline, and English language assessment process.

Students should apply directly to the institution of their choice and pay program fees directly.  The program cost per student is set by each institution up to a maximum of $450, which includes virtual instruction and any required materials.  Students must have access to a computer and a stable internet connection.  It is not recommended that students participate in the program via mobile phone.

The following U.S. campuses will host virtual EducationUSA Academy Connects sessions in summer 2021:

Boston University (Massachusetts)

This program is suitable for high school students interested in leadership development and interested in Boston as an education destination.  Students will attend virtual presentations and activities from Boston University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Reading Room and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Application Deadline: June 13, 2021

Program Dates: July 5 – August 6, 2021

Visit: http://www.bu.edu/celop/academics/programs/educationusa-academy/

Diablo Valley College (California)
The program focuses on improving student’s language and critical thinking skills through the exploration of the Bay Area tech culture and spirit of innovation.  Students will be able to create contacts and gain insights through interactive sessions with guest speakers (technology experts), high school groups, and college clubs.  There will be four virtual campus tours to Diablo Valley College, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and San Francisco State University.

Application Deadline: Contact iec@dvc.edu for information regarding the application deadline.

Program Dates:

Option 1: July 5 – 23, 2021

Option 2: July 26 – August 13, 2021

Visit: https://iec-dvc.edu/iec-dvc-english-classes/teen-english-california

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Florida)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the world’s #1 university for aviation and aerospace.  The program offers a virtual opportunity for international students to learn aviation-related topics while improving their English.  Students will attend workshops in Academic English Skills and aviation topics such as general aviation and radiotelephony.

Application Deadline: Contact erli@erau.edu for information regarding the application deadline.

Program Dates: June 7 – July 1, 2021

Visit: http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/international-programs/language-institute/education-usa-academy

Cloud State University (Minnesota)
Students in this program will be able to learn about the scientific research our institution conducts, and be able to meet and interact with international college students and faculty.  St. Cloud State University is the ideal institution where students can learn about American culture and the American university system.  Through this online program, students can get a head start on college exploration and the application process by enhancing their writing skills.

Application Deadline:
Contact EdUSAcademy@stcloudstate.edu for information regarding the application deadline.

Program Dates: July 6 – August 12, 2021

Visit: https://www.stcloudstate.edu/educationusa/

John’s University (New York)
The program encourages students to explore their own interests, identify which options are available to them through U.S. higher education, and learn more about the educational, financial, and social aspects of a degree program in the United States.  Through conversations with faculty, deans, administrators, and students, program participants will benefit from a variety of perspectives and experiences to help them make important decisions about their futures.

Application Deadline: Please contact Christina Quartararo at quartarc@stjohns.edu for information regarding the application deadline.

Financial Aid: Eligible applicants may be selected for up to a 50% scholarship.  The scholarship application is due by May 14.  For a scholarship application, visit https://apply.stjohns.edu/register/Connects_Scholarship_EdUSA.

Program Dates: June 1 – July 6, 2021

Visit: https://www.stjohns.edu/academics/global-programs/english-language-american-culture-programs/educationusa-academy

Temple University (Pennsylvania)
The program emphasizes living with and learning from high school students from the United States and around the world.  They will spend a day in New York City, at the beach, at Ivy League universities, and other nearby locations that will immerse them in the U.S. experience.

Application Deadline: May 24 and July 5, 2021; program dates are as below, respectively.

Financial Aid: 50% scholarships available for successful applicants.

For a scholarship application, visit: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=74FucSK1c0SOMRC9Asz25fiQFCwMz2NLs7UvL5lU-g5UREoxSjUyUDlTRTBSUk9NSzFNTTI2NzNXRSQlQCN0PWcu.

For the June session, the scholarship application deadline is May 13.

For the July session, the scholarship application deadline is June 10.

Program Dates:

Session 1: June 1 – June 25, 2021

Session 2: July 13 – August 6, 2021

Visit: https://ielp.temple.edu/programs/short-term-programs/educationusa-academy-temple-university

University of Colorado Boulder (Colorado)
Participants will have an opportunity to work with recognized academic and professional experts in engineering, international business, and psychology.  Participants will also be able to build communication, critical thinking, and negotiating skills by working with teams of classmates.  Students will experience university life on a safe, world-ranked campus – one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States, and home to five Nobel prize winners.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2021

Program Dates: June 22- July 29, 2021

Visit: http://edusaacademy.colorado.edu/

Interested students should visit http://www.edusaacademy.org for the most up-to-date information about EducationUSA Academy offerings including a list of host institutions, program details, applicable fees, application procedures, and deadlines.  For general information about 2021 EducationUSA Academy offerings/opportunities, please contact U.S. Embassy Dhaka’s EducationUSA Bangladesh office at EducationUSA-Bangla@state.gov.

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U.S. Embassy Dhaka Announces the 2021 EducationUSA Academy Connects Program
Education USA Academy Connects is the virtual program model of EducationUSA Academy, a campus-based college preparatory program for international students. 
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