UN Security Council is Defunct and Dead

Russia recently vetoed against extending Syria Chemical attack investigation at the UN Security Council. This was an act of defending the indefensible. And this is not the first time a member blocked similar investigation against global injustice. All member practice it for their geopolitical interests making the UNSC a defunct and dead institution which is in dire need of reforms.

USA ups the ante on Tehran
USA ups the ante on Tehran

A conflict is brewing between the US and Russia over US-sponsored UN resolution extending inspection in determining who is responsible for chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Russia vetoed against it in the floor of the United Nation Security Council. They accused United States, “to show up and dishonour Russia” in referring to the vote.

Vassily Nebenzia, the UN ambassador of Russia tried to postpone the vote till the next month, albeit unsuccessfully. The wait was till the UN’s joint body comprising investigators and the watchdogs of chemical weapons issuing a report on October 26.

Russia has a consistent policy of backing Syrian President Bashar Assad and refused to accept the UN claim of Assad using chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun, where several people including children were affected and died. Assad himself also refused to accept the claim.

This incident attracted worldwide censure as the world has seen the videos and photos of the quivering children expiring on camera in the aftermath of the attack. This incident is not defensible to any form of humanity that Russia is trying to do.

US launched punitive strikes a few days after the incident on the Syrian air base as Washington blamed Syrian military in concert with Assad for the attack. Although, US strikes affected nobody and was largely a symbolic gesture rather than an effective one; for a change US in this occasion has been on the right side of morality.

Ms Haley said in a statement after the vote: “Russia has once again demonstrated it will do whatever it takes to ensure the barbaric Assad regime never faces consequences for its continued use of chemicals as weapons.

“This is the ninth time Russia has protected Assad and his team of murderers by blocking the Security Council from acting.

“In doing so, Russia once again sides with the dictators and terrorists who use these weapons.”

Mr Nebenzia, retaliated Haley with the statement, “We never, ever, ever put it in such a way.

“It’s not us who pick and choose, it’s you, the United States, you decided on the first day.”

If, indeed, the chemical weapon attack was perpetrated by Assad, it is one of the most heinous crimes of mass murder and homicide inflicted upon his own people. Russia cannot side with Assad as a responsible nation and a permanent member of the Security Council. This is an inhuman act and must be reproached categorically in no uncertain terms.