Unleashing India through Meditation

Immunity will make people healthy & happy and these strong individuals will rebuild a powerful nation. However, total health is possible only through spirituality. Hence, Reincarnation is impossible without spirituality.

Unleashing India through Meditation.the policy times

India and the world  aregoing through the pandemic times which is like never seen before. Today, danger is looming large over every aspect of human life & livelihood: like manufacturing, technology, construction, banking, pharma, hospitality  sectorsetc. Moreover there is no medicine or vaccine available for the COVID 19 infection. However in thisstate of utter devastation, we must realize that the most important factor in resurgence is Immunity: yes on Physical & emotional level. Immunity will make people healthy & happy and these strong individuals will rebuild a powerful nation. However, total health is possible only through spirituality. Hence, Reincarnation is impossible without spirituality.

Basicallly, spirituality means Union of body, mind & the soul. Let me put it in simpler words: we have this fascinating body & a wonderful mind, however they come into life only after union with the soul. Awareness of this very fundamental fact is spirituality. This awareness is meditation. Meditation is the ultimate goal of any & every spiritual practice. Since humans have become unaware of presence of the soul residing within, ninetyfivepercent of the diseases today are psychosomatic. That is the reason why modern medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy & all the medicinal practices can cure only the symptoms. Whereas, the root cause of the disease can be cured only with meditation.

I am an ENT surgeon, yet I have 13 years of experience in spiritual practices namely Yoga & Reiki.  Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice in India.  One complete chapter is dedicated to yoga in Bhagvadgita. Yoga means bonding the body & mind with soul. Generally speaking, there are three steps in Yoga: asanas, pranayama &Dhyana. If Asanas& pranayama are practiced in precise, diligent & disciplined manner, the correct stage of dhyana can be achieved. Sage Patanjali systematized Yoga & now there are many schools of Yoga. I have developed a Yogic kriya, which I have named asRambaankriya.Rambaan is very powerful yogic technique of meditation.

Reiki is a Japanese technique of meditation propagated by MakaoUsui, who was a Buddhist monk. It In contrast to Yoga which requires highest order of discipline, Reki is a simple, easy yet a very effective meditation technique.

I have practiced &researched these spiritual practices over a period of many years & have documented  87 benefits of the meditation. Broadly speaking, meditation offers: total physical health, emotional resilience, strong sense of social bonding & growth as ahumanbeing. The specific benefits relevant to toady’s situation are: meditation help develop strong immunity, meditation helps generate positive thoughts &meditaion eliminates doubt& enhances willpower.

Now lets see how immunity &thoughts are interrelated and their relevance in physicalas well as emotional wellbeing or the lack of it.

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Lets first see what is Immunity. Immunity is ability of human body to resist almost all types of organisms & toxins that tend to damage cells, tissues & organs. Please note,organisms cause infection whereas toxins are related to infection & also to emotions. The Coid 19 Virus is very very small in size, it has a diameter of 10nm & science has a very limited information about it. Hence, right now, our own immunity which is a God’s gift is the only sureshot way of cure or protection from CoVid 19 infection. When the count of organisms in the body is very high, it is called infection. When attacked by organisms, the white blood cells prepare themselves to fight the infection. Also specific antibodies are produced to combat the infection. Specifically in viral infections, the resistance offered by specific antibodies is more powerful & effective way to overcome infection. Antibodies are globulin molecules meaning they are protein molecules. The generation of protein molecules as well as WBCs is regulated by hormones and generation of hormones is regulated by Hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is a centre in the brain which a part of limbic system. There are many other centres in limbic system however hypothalamus is most significant. Also for simplicity purpose, let’s stay with the word Hypothalamus. The limbic system & hypothalamus is related to behavioural pattern so it is related to mind. If mind of the infected person is stable & balanced, the Hypothalamus activates generation of hormones like GH, Thyroid Hormone. These hormones directly have effect on developing strong immunity. However when infected person’s mind is filled with anxiety & doubt, the hypothalamus activatesexcessive production of Cortisol & other hormones which leads to weak immune response or weakening of the immune system.

Please note carefully here: positivity of mind leads to strong immune system. Whereas, negative makeup of mind leads to weak immune system. Immunity & emotions are so closely related.

Now let’s understand about toxins. Toxins are poisons which are capable of causing ill health. Toxins are produced inside the body by organisms as well as by emotional stress. Like infections, emotional turbulence too is directly related to the hypothalamus. It stimulates hypothalamus. Basically, it may be hard to believe that stress generate toxins, but my friends it is reality, it is a fact. Any emotional stress initiates a chain reaction in the body whereby excessive toxins are generated & they damage the cells & organs. Eg: diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, migraine, peptic ulcer are detected first, while going through a period of stress. Momentary, severe stress can lead to loss of memory,heart attack, cerebral haemorrhage, paresis etc. Very relatable slice of life example is, while driving in a hurried manner or with a worried mind leads to accidents which could have been avoided if seen in retrospect.

Well, How do emotions cause stress? It’s simple, the thought of desire, anger, ego, illusion, greed & jealousy when imbalanced, it leads to stress. Stress leads to production of toxins & toxins generate anxiety & fear. Eg: One man was detected Corona positive. His only symptom was loss of sense of smell. And he was home quarantined. He used to check O2 saturation levels 4-5 times everyday they were always normal. On day 5, at 3 am, since he was unable to sleep & watching the news related to Corona, he checked O2 saturation & it was 90%. At that moment he started feling discomfort in the shest. He checked several times in the next 3 hours. It was btw 80 to 90%. At dawn, as soon as the rest of the household was awake & around although distant, his O2 saturation came to 98%. Next day we got his CT scan chest done which was absolutely normal. Yet till day 14, we witnessed the same pattern of O2 saturationlevels. Emotions & toxins are related and that is the reason emotions are called ‘Vishay’ in Spirituality. ‘Vish’ means poison or toxin. Any emotion, producing poison is a ‘Vishay’.

Anxiety or fear is of three types in spirituality: One is Fear of physical displeasure, eg. Illness, efforts etc. Second is fear of emotional damage, eg. Accepting the things happening against the wishes like following diet or discipline, restraint etc. Third &all encompassingfear is the Fear of humiliation meaning fear of ego being hurt. Eg. A middle aged gentleman was diagnosed with HT. His reaction was like: I exercise daily,  how come I fell victim to this illness. I feel insulted!

Stress – toxins – anxiety – fear – stress: this viscious cycle leads to consistent negative signals being transmitted to the hypothalamus, because hypothalamus is a centre which maintains wellbeing of the body. And when the signals are consistently negative for long periods, the hypothalamus  shows symptoms likewise: 1) Action through the nerves supplying skeletal muscles: insomnia, muscular spasm, muscular pains & aches, fatigue, emotional instability 2) Action through autonomic nervous system: increased HR, increased BP, palpitations, GI spasms, constipation, diarrhoea, acidity etc. 3) Action through Hormonal release: peptic ulcer, acidity, insomnia, DM, HT, Emotional imbalance. So, Immunity is very significant in maintaining wellbeing.

Each person has to face illnesses, struggles and disasters in life.  However meditation helps one become strong &protect from destruction of physical health & emotional health. So even if blessed with health, everyone must follow meditation regularly.

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This reminds me of a story: In Vrindavan, there was a ritual of offering prayers to God Indra for Good monsoons. Once Kanhaadvisd them to take care of the land, animals rather than offering prayers.Indra got upset &  the catastrophic rains followed. At the moment, when every life was in danger, Krishna lifted and balanced the mountain Govardhan on his little finger & offered protection till the end of the apocalypse. That’s why one of his name is ‘Giridhari’. Please understand the symbolic meaning of the story: Krishna advising Gopis to stop prayers symbolises, laziness is dangerous. Indra getting upset symbolises the presence of uncontrolled factors like emotional trauma, illnesses, natural disasters etc. ‘Giridhari’avatar symbolises diligent practice of meditation can make a‘Gopi’ a ‘Giridhari’.  You are the living incarnation of God. Meditation helps become aware of this power within.

In conclusion,my friends, please drive home this message with conviction: Spirituality is life, Meditation is rejuvenation, yourrejuvenation is nation’s reincarnation!


Dr Gauri Joshi

Practicing ENT Surgeon with 20+ years of experience

A Reiki Grandmaster

A Medical Yoga expert &Rambaankriya Guru

A Senior Astrologer

Vaastushashtra&Vaastu-Reiki Expert

Tarot Reader & Trainer



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Unleashing India through Meditation
Immunity will make people healthy & happy and these strong individuals will rebuild a powerful nation. However, total health is possible only through spirituality. Hence, Reincarnation is impossible without spirituality.
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