US Advises its Citizens to Get Out of India Amid Covid-19 Surge


The medical facilities in India have crippled due to the increasing number of Covid cases. The US government advised its citizens to leave the country by using available transportation options.

Major Statement of the US Department

The US Department has issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory for India and also a Level 4 Travel Health Notice. The State Department tweeted, “Access to medical care is severely limited in India due to Covid cases. US Citizens wishing to depart should use available commercial options now. Daily direct flights to the US and flights via Paris and Frankfurt are available”. The US Embassy in New Delhi urged “US citizens to enroll in STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Programme) at in order to receive critical information from the Embassy related to health and safety in India”.

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Healthcare Infrastructure in India

The second wave of the pandemic has devastated the healthcare infrastructure of India. People are running to and fro for the crisis of medical oxygen. Many hospitals are reporting a shortage of beds both for Covid and non-Covid related patients. It is also reported that many US citizens are denied admittance to hospitals due to lack of space. At such a worse state, the Biden administration has decided to help India with 960,000 rapid tests that will be able to detect Covid in 15 minutes, and 100,000 N95 masks for frontline health workers.

TPT Policy Advocacy & Recommendations

  • The second wave of the pandemic has put significant stress on the healthcare resource of India. The current situation has created an imbalance between demand and availability of hospital beds, medical oxygen, and trained medical personnel throughout the country. All the medical specialties should work together to flatten the curve of the pandemic.
  • It is high time that the Indian government must take serious steps to fill the gaps in the healthcare infrastructure of the country. The US citizens in India must be kept updated with regular information regarding the health and safety in India so that they could prevent themselves from the second wave of Covid-19.