US government’s harsh play by Faking Al Qaeda propaganda Videos

It’s not at all surprising that the Americans have gone to such low levels of disgrace. They have spent more than $500m on fake videos of Al Qaeda just to ensure that the public grows hate towards this extreme terrorist group. The policies of spreading lies and rumors need to be strict, especially when governments are responsible for such extremes.

US government’s harsh play by Faking Al Qaeda propaganda Videos
US government’s harsh play by Faking Al Qaeda propaganda Videos

The main motives of fake videos are to spread lies, which can either be provocative or a mind changing video by a special PR team. These PR teams have data which you and I will find unbelievable.

The true idea of the video is to anger the public and let the show go on. This show is none other than the Defense Economy of America which has helped America thrive through the number of sales it makes through the war.

The Policy Times looks into it in more detail-

America has a very strong gun culture with the lobbying for guns proving that America loves its weapons. With the number of shootings, a message of fear, guns, and violence should not be spread but instead of peace and humanity.

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A UK based PR firm was outsourced to form these deceptive videos during the early stages of the Iraq War. The reported PR firm was Bell Pottinger, which worked alongside US military camps.  That’s not all, everyone who watched the videos could be tracked by US forces.

Lord Tim Bell, a former Bell Pottinger chairman has confirmed the contract of such misdoings between the United States and their company in elaborating the aggressiveness of the Al Qaeda. The Pentagon has downplayed it, reporting the videos were ‘truthful’ in all nature.

Evidence has sprung out from former employees of Bell Pottinger. Former video editor Martin Wells emphasized on the specific instructions given to produce fake videos.

However, former video editor Martin Wells, who worked on the IOTF contract with Bell Pottinger, said they were given very specific instructions on how to produce the fake Al-Qaeda propaganda films.

Wells said-

“We need to make this style of video and we’ve got to use Al-Qaeda’s footage, we need it to be 10 minutes long, and it needs to be in this file format, and we need to encode it in this manner.”

These videos would then be put onto CDs and the US Marines would drop the CD into all sort of locations such as houses which were raided to make it seem very truthful. In addition to this, the videos were encoded to open on RealPlayer software and so was connected to the internet where the IP address could be tracked.

What can be done about such extremes is the main question here. Punish the masterminds behind such acts, as a severance to damaging a country’s and particular society’s reputation. This will help put an end to future acts of deceit and lies, which should and will not be tolerated by the general public.

Another way is by special agencies being formed to evaluate if the video is genuine and can be forecasted on live air or the internet. Every video needs to bypass these agencies before being shown to the general public. This may not be practical for live videos, but it is the most viable option for prerecorded events.