‘Virtual World: It’s not a game, it’s your life stay safe’; Rakshit Tandon


We are living in the world, where the word ‘virtual’ uses most. Keeping up with the virtual world, cybersecurity is much important. It entangles the protection of user’s information, by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks.

Rakshit Tandon, a Cyber expert, has created a revolution in the field of cyber security and investigation on cybercrime. Born on 10th February he completed his Master’s in Computer Science from Delhi. He was an ethical hacker, certified by EC council, also a Computer Forensics Expert from Brain Bench, USA. He works on various areas such as Cyber Crime Awareness, Child Online Protection, Online Crime Prevention for Women and Children, Online Safety, Parenting with Netizens, With Law Enforcements Agencies, Indian Air Force, NEPA North Eastern Police Academy – Faculty for Cyber Crime Investigations.

He is the Co-Founder/ Chairman – A&R Info Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd, and an Advisor/Consultant to several agencies working towards combating cybercrime. He has undertaken the herculean task of travelling across the nation and speaking to more than 19.50 lakh children in schools/colleges. He was invited by the European Commission as a Non-European Expert and a Chief Panelist for the ‘Safer Internet Programme of the European Union’ to Germany and Luxembourg in October 2010. He was also one of the Key Speakers to the IT Conference hosted by the Computer Society of Nepal and Internet Society in January 2012. He has received several national and international awards and was awarded Recognitions for Services to Agra Police at the Republic Day Parade 2015. He is also a member advisory to National Cyber Safety and Security Standards. He is also a Board Member of YoDEE ( NGO for Women Empowerment), Visiting Faculty at IIFM Faridabad, Under MeiTy NeGD Govt. of India and, Visiting Faculty at IIPA, New Delhi

According to a report by UNICEF, he performed a significant role by contributing Child Online Protection in India. He has spoken more than 25 lakhs school/college children. The way he connects with his audience without thinking about the age group, he keeps his simple and touching way to interpret the complications and implications of The Web.

 Citing a media interview with ‘Open the Magazine’ magazine, he mentioned that below 12 years kids are faking their age on Facebook to create an account and pretends that they are grownups. He says, “More often than not, land in trouble with some objectionable content shared unknowingly that goes viral online.” Coming back to the example of WeChat, he explains his fears. “We all know that the accounts of stars are monitored and so they will not share information that would harm them, but who is monitoring the accounts of these [underage] users? How many of their friends are real and who knows what is safe?” He cited many examples of cybercrimes that children face every day.

Tandon says that it is important for parents to make their children aware of the distinction between private and public spaces. Online, these often blur without children realizing it. An online platform that appears private may have hackers snooping around. Privacy loopholes can also be exploited. “It has to be constantly driven into their heads that your online life cannot be similar to your private life,” says the cybercrime expert, “Hence care has to be taken when it comes to sharing pictures and thoughts.”

However, there is no resisting the internet, he adds. “It provides an alternate platform with an opportunity for the use of bad language, sex, and venting of anger away from parental control,” he says, “and there is no escaping that fact.”

He speaks on many issues for various media, such as The Rise of Cyber Crimes amongst children for UNODC, Kids Online Abuse for NDTV, Students Tips on Cyber Safety on Hindustan Times, Crime Awareness Campaign for Indian Express, including TOI, Open the Magazine, Samachar, and The Economic Times. He also invited as a speaker on international forums, conferences, in Luxemberg, Saudi Arab, and Nepal and so on.

A “Cyber Security Handbook” by S Khadsare , he contributed his knowledge by writing the Preface of the book.

He is currently executing the “SAFE SURFING CAMPAIGN” conducting seminars on ‘Cyber Threats to Children in Digital World’ for students, teachers, and parents. He is sensitizing them about the types of cyber Crimes, Preventive Measures to be taken while surfing the Internet, Information Technology Act, and the Remedial Measures that can be taken if one is victimized by the cybercriminals.