Did WEF Say “Indian Media is least trusted Institutions?”

Closure scrutiny on an article by a controversial news platform called Postcard.news which has gone viral revealed that the World Economic Forum has never said “Indian Media is least trusted Institutions”


The legendary novelist Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you are mis-informed” seems quite true. The Indian media stalwarts who should have been responsible for creating an environment of cordiality in the nation are tarnishing their image through constant fake news. Recently a controversial news platform called Postcard.news have tried to belittle the image of Indian Media itself by declaring it as the second most untrusted institution. They quoted a survey by World Economic Forum which never happened in reality. The article was neither commissioned nor released by them. In the rat race of TRP (Television Rating Point) they have been constantly blabbering out senseless news being overzealous in their approach.

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Not only the Indian media is spreading fake news but also exaggerating those news which have only caused upheaval in the nation contrary to their responsibility. The impartiality of media have disappeared and the vested interests seems surmounting with each passing day. Every other media seems to have been patronized by some of the political parties which are propagating their political ideologies without having a look at the far-reaching consequences on the common masses. The media which should raise the voice of the oppressed and the depressed are busy in reporting the senseless acts of celebrities and powerful magnates. How much it is shameful that rampant crimes are happening which fail to reach to the ears of authority and the media is busy in telling us that which celebrity have not reached in some other celebrity kid’s birthday or which celebrity was the best dressed in public? Could even the media be more derogatory that the common masses are going through such a plaintive phase and they are busy either in reporting the relationship status of a celebrity or which business magnate have the most beautiful wife/girlfriend? How could the media be trusted when a statement from an irresponsible politician is exaggerated with each and every possible interpretation and the good deeds of any person is left unreported?

These all things have left media on the mercy of their volatility and have only resulted in their credibility. At this juncture The Policy Times suggests some immediate changes in the approach of media which would make them more reliable and credible in the eyes of common masses:

  • Media should let themselves free from political powers
  • Media would need to let itself rid of lobbying
  • Stop over-exaggerating the derogatory statements of mentally sick politicians which can never be of any use to the nation
  • Media should free itself from the senseless glamour of celebrities which is nothing more than a mad race of materialization
  • Focus on the sensible issues which could benefit the common masses
  • Rely on the credible source rather being insane for TRP
  • Be sensible while handling delicate issues as it have a long-lasting impact on mere mortals

Then only the day will come when not only Indian media will benefit the common masses but also will be credible and reliable in the eyes of the general public.