Well Being Foundation is Organizing Women’s Self-defense Seminar



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Reg. No. : 1018

Regd.by Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Subject: 1-Day Free Seminar on self-defense skills for girl students

Well Being Foundation is a non-profit organization which was founded in the year 2011. Well Being Foundation runs programs in the remotest corner of India in order to provide quality education to under privileged children, health care, women empowerment and life-saving aid during emergency. But we have been more concerned about women safety as crimes against women have been rising up for the last few years. Since the cases of gender violence are on rise, self-defense for women has become a necessity more than ever. Rape, kidnapping and murder are the most common crimes against women. People often turn blind eye and deaf ear to such crimes. It is high time we all should come forward and make our girls strong enough by teaching them self-defending skills.

Well Being Foundation is Organizing Women's Self-defense Seminar
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Keeping in view the above written facts, Well Being Foundation has taken an initiative towards women empowerment by imparting self-defending skills to them. We have conducted many seminars at several schools in the capital. Outcome of the  seminars conducted by Well Being Foundation has been really commendable. In this seminars, we teach girls how to defend themselves and put up an impressive efforts against attackers in bad situations. We are trying to reach more and more

Schools/NGO/Institution/Colleges/Universities in this regards. We on behalf of Well Being Foundation, want to conduct a free 1-day seminar on self-defense for girls.

We assure you that this seminar will be very beneficial for girl students as well as your organization. If you are interested in this seminar, feel free to contact us for further information.