What The Eyes See’; a collection of dark stories by Nitya Ravi

"Short, dark stories spilling a pressing question, 'What's really true?'"

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‘What the Eyes See’, published by Invincible Publishers, is a collection of 7 crisp and dark stories which seem to be a fresh take on the definition of mystery and horror. Amongst the bookshelves laden with dark novels which build the suspense to the end, Nitya’s book has a unique characteristic– It sends chills up the spine straight away, in one go.

Without stretched story arcs, the book has stories which have a semblance of short sightings, giving intensified peeks into the world of what’s really true. Paradoxically, the title of ‘What the Eyes See’ takes one across what our eyes or our senses actually don’t see while observing.

The book cleverly points out our structured belief systems, questioning if what we see is real or just an illusion. Nitya Ravi, the author of this book, enjoys expressing herself through written words and loves reading and writing intriguing and dark stories. Born in India, she has spent most of her life in the

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What The Eyes See
"Short, dark stories spilling a pressing question, 'What's really true?'"
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