WhatsApp marks 1.5 billion MAUs

In a recent statement on Thursday Facebook CEO,Mark Zuckerberg who acquired WhatsApp on 19 February 2014 said that there are about 1.5 billions Active Monthly Users.

WhatsApp marks 1.5 billion MAUs

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is not only a great innovator but also great observer and admirer of new technology and innovations. In 2014 when WhatsApp was becoming  a very popular instant messaging App and and ruling the market, Zuckerberg felt that WhatsApp can be bigger platform than Facebook Messenger and he realised that it would be better to acquire it. Facebook messenger which has 300 millions daily Active users than cannot beat WhatsApp while another trending App called snapchat with 178 million user.

WhatsApp has been adopting innovative features to win competition. Some of the recent features include –  

  • One can delete the message/image/video instantly after sent if the it is not seen to the recipient users
  • Status for 24 hours with images and also upload video in compressed size
  • Supporting documents in all formats
  • User can also revoke the messages
  • And many other features

The Indian messenger like Hike whose owner is Kavin Bharti Mittal couldn’t beat the popularity of WhatsApp in India. Interestingly, China has WeChat which is equally popular like WhatsApp with nearly 1 billion Monthly Active Users.

It is not that everything is good with WhatsApp.

  • You cannot store your media in external memory like SD/Memory card
  • So it creates some problem for smaller internal memory mobile.
  • It works best as Mobile App although it has web version.
  • Sometimes, the forwarded messages are annoying too

“WhatsApp business” is a new feature where Business can communicate with their clients/users in more authentic and faster way. One key feature also include the App communication in very low signal strength/network as rural area has mobile network issue.

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Though WhatsApp is a revolutionary platform to expedite communications, it has also been used for anti-social activities. Some people has been using this Apps for spreading fear, hatred, political propaganda, etc. Many suicide videos have created havoc in healthy minds. So somewhere, these apps should have internal intelligence teams to restrict such anti-social activities.

In addition, World’s powerful countries have created their own apps. China has its own search engine like Baidu and 360 Search. India with tech-savy entrepreneurial base should encourage to create its own apps and technology products.