WhatsApp to limit number of forwards

Messaging application ,WhatsApp,comes up with an idea to confine number of forwards to 5 recipients in order to contain rampant spread of fake provocative content that have led to communal conflagration and social unrest in the past

WhatsApp to limit number of forwards

“We’re launching a test to limit forwarding on WhatsApp. In India — where people forward more messages, photos and videos than any other country in the world — we’ll also test a lower limit of five chat forwards at once and we’ll remove the quick forward button next to media messages, “  WhatsApp announced its new move to contain rampant spread of fake and provocative content.

With 200 million people using WhatsApp currently, the central government has warnedWhatsApp to stop the messaging application to be used for sharing false information so as to avert communal riots like the ones that rattled the nation in the past.

According to a notice from the Central government of India, WhatsApp can face charges as it will be considered as ‘abettors’ if forwarded messages lead to violence.

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In May, two people were killed in the state of Tamil Nadu owing to spread of a fake message through Whatsapp. The false message had photographs of two men taken by police with the tag “Please take care of your children. Don’t send them alone.” The message spread rumours that a gang from Northern India had arrived to kidnap children. The innocent men who died were victims of false rumours spread by Whatsapp!

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware messaging service with features of Voice over IP (VoIP). It was created by WhatsApp Inc. in Mountain View, California and has been acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for $19.3 billion. As per statistics taken in February 2018, it has a user base of over one and a half billion people.