When Human Ceases to be Human

Britishers used the ‘divide-and-rule” politics to rule India for 200 years. Modern-day politicians are doing the same for vote bank politics dividing the country based on religion, caste and culture. The rising hate crimes, intolerance and lynching are of collective failure of Indian democracy, politics, police, judiciary and Media.

When Human Ceases to be Human
When Human Ceases to be Human

Societies are made of men and women. They are further divided into different race, colour, culture, religion and ethnicity. Diversity is a natural phenomenon. At the same time, human is gifted with intelligence and conscience which help them separate right from wrong, truth from falsehood and justice from injustice. In essence, while diversity is natural, building societies based on commonalities are sign of true human spirit. When human forgets that they are human, that mark the beginning of the end of society and they cease to be called human.

The recent video of a jobless, pseudo religious and brainstormed with hate videos, named Shambhu Lal killing a labour from Bengal. The attacker identified condemns “love jihad†for his act. What is more gruesome is his threat to repeat the same in future.

The victim is 45 years old Mohammed Afrazul who may not be innocent but has the right to face trial for any act of indecency or crime if he or his friends have committed. Though these incidents are often taking the colour of religious tussle or shape, but they have nothing to do with religion and religious teachings. When irresponsible civilians take laws in their own hands, who are to blame?


Biggest failure of modern-day democracies have been nurturing and promoting irresponsible and scary politicians. India has recently seen rise of political parties which are creating an environment of hate speeches and hate actions. Politicians are nurturing criminals, polarising votes and dividing people. While Indian democracy has failed to create responsible politicians, it is it is creating favourable environment for irresponsible politicians.

Police system

The Police system in India works at the mercy of politicians and thus failed to preserve law and order at the grass root level. They are more hostile against the victims than criminals. This undermines the respect that police need to create with a loss in trust. If a police inspector allows and blames the victim, it creates an atmosphere of permission for such crimes. Corruption has done rest of the damage.

Bureaucracy & Judiciary

Indian bureaucracy and judiciary are largely responsible and secular but they are losing their shine fast since society is largely corrupt and polluted.


Politics-Business nexus post independence is dangerous. Today, India’s prominent media houses are either owned by politicians or business houses. That is where they are failing to serve as fourth pillar of democracy as they act to serve the interest of their creators and masters – politicians and businessmen.  Â

The whole scene of love jihad is being used by the political parties to win a majority of vote using the innocence of the minorities. India’s Supreme Court is battling the messy case of a Hindu family whose daughter was forced to convert to Islam after being recruited by Islamist extremists. However this has a contradiction as the girl converted voluntarily.

The victims of these attacks have no fault of their own, except being born in different religions. The largest democratic nation in the world, India needs to look at such violences.

Such crimes should not be encouraged and over hyped as rewards in the headlines of media. Instead the message of peace needs to convey using such crimes so that people come to realise life needs to be lived peacefully and in harmony. The level of maturity has fallen drastically as a society, and such problems have become a routine. This needs to change!

With 1.27 billion people in India belonging to religions other than Hinduism, it poses a threat and at the same time a challenge for the parties and groups above mentioned to make a difference. India is a home to many ethnicities and these needs to be the prime concern.