When Love Happens… for Anyone in Love

True love never dies. Its is redefined every time you feel it. This week's review by The Policy Times is the recently published but hot selling book "When Love Happen" by debutant author Manish Kumar.

When Love Happens....
When Love Happens....

Book: When Love Happens…(Fiction, Paperback)

Author: Manish Kumar

Language: English

Pages: 138

Price: 175 ₹

My Rating: 4.5/5

When Love Happens is a cute love story where even the fallacies have been depicted as their helplessness which we confront being a part of the society. The love stories are claimed to be formed every moments but only particular moments transform itself into stories.

Even though a lot is written in the romance genre but still the book holds its credibility as the writer has tried to pen down his creativity along with a tons of emotions which is crystal clear through his poems. Perhaps the toughest phase of life i.e after breakup which holds its potential to push us on the brink of immorality has been very dutifully devoted in shaping the career of the protagonist make this book spell-bound while reading.

The writing style have been very smooth without the use of superfluous words. The flow of the story is quite perennial in nature. The joyous emotions before the breakup and the pain and agony after that have been very well described.

About the Novel

The story revolves around the two prominent characters, Nish and G who are childhood friends who as the time flew come into relationship. The social obligations makes G vulnerable to her parents’ wishes. The aftermath of the breakup is quite beautiful as it very skilfully depicts how Nish comes over from this trauma and makes a successful career in Bangalore.

Plotting of Story

Starting with a beautiful poem it keeps the readers a different experience in romance genre. The use of dialects at various place gives it a unique coherence with the readers. The sweet love story has been able to hold the readers through its’ grip on the story without leaving any loose ends. The climax has been quite beautiful which supports the basic principle of the book.

Why To Read

Its’ a unique love story which tells us the beauty of love along with the trust in the Almighty which helps you to cope up with the trauma of breakup. A balancing approach towards love and career makes it a Must Read


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