Who will be World’s First Trillion Dollar Companies?

It’s a race to trillion Dollars this time, and the companies competing are known for its innovative products and ground breaking services. Apple, Amazon and Alphabet! These three companies have taken technology to ground breaking levels, The policies within the company have been formulated taking into consideration the fast changes in technology.

It’s a race to trillion Dollars this time, and the companies competing are known for its innovative products and ground breaking services. Apple, Amazon and Alphabet!

The three companies begin with the letter A and have proven that the first letter in the alphabet will always be the first.

Apple’s  iTrillion

Apple has modernized modern day mobile phones, laptops and tablets. The iPhone X is the latest in the series of releases, and so if sales are strong, which it is so far it will run to the finishing line of trillion dollars first.

Each phone costs a whooping $999 which proves that the margin itself with a fewer sales could seal the deal. According to estimates it could reach the Trillion target by the end of the year due to the revenue growth of 10%.

Apple has changed modern day Augmented Reality (AR) by bringing in applications with this feature to help solve real world problems. For example Sayduck is an AR application which helps you design your home better by viewing how furniture looks in a certain angle and particular spot in the house.

Amazon’s Synergies

Amazon has developed a number of services, instead of just focusing on one business. That is Amazon Web Business based on Cloud, Amazon Shopping based on online shopping, Whole Foods which makes shopping for grocery easier and a number of other services.

It is no wonder the Chief Executive Jeff Bezos is the worlds richest man, when the share price of Amazon rose by 50%.

Jeff Bezos risky attitude, and hardcore work ethics will put Amazon in the frontlight and is clearly the favourite in getting to Trillion Dollars first.

The Alexa, which is an easy to use voice recognition assistan is a breakthrough which has helped people save a lot of time on simple mundance tasks. For example you can order grocery while brushing your teeth by just listing out what all is needed to be ordered.

Alphabets Word Play

Alphabet, or better known as Google is reported to gain mostly from two streams. The first being search advertisement from Google’s Search engine and the next being Youtube the online streaming website.

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Alphabets Google Search Engine and Youtube have helped a number of people access millions of information in written form or video form to help them throughout their life, business and problems. The best part about the services are the free nature, whereby enabling even the under developed villages to learn if they don’t have facilities.

These two sources of income may not as helpful to reaching the trillion dollar mark. Hence the Mobile phones of Google especially Pixel 2 is seen to be the reason for its trillion dollars reach.

 Current scenario

Apple is the closest so far with their value at $860bn, Alphabet a close second at $817bn while Amazon is at third place at $700. They all look to reach trillion, the only question is which one will reach it first?

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