Why literature?

The most common myth regarding pursuing a literature course is that it'll enhance your  English writing and speaking skills even if you aren't effective in writing or speech making.

Why literature?

When it comes to picking a major for further studies too many options may boil your head. The uncertainty provokes anxiety and the less clarity we have the more confused we end up. If one decides of picking literature as a major there ate certain points to be noted.

But before that let’s discuss what literature is not, but the society considers it to be

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The myths debunked:

The most common myth regarding pursuing a literature course is that it’ll enhance your  English writing and speaking skills even if you aren’t effective in writing or speech making. Literature does indeed give one an edge over others in terms of language proficiency,speech-making, writing, etc. But the ones thinking of improving their English proficiency by majoring in literature are treading on the wrong path. They are to join a beginner course to enhance their proficiency. Literature requires one to be capable of extended reading sessions. Although there are other methods people develop according to their temperament for its study.

Why literature?

Most often people believe that literature pulls one away from religion or the native culture, and leads one to atheism. I need to address this myth because I have personally experienced it. People are disillusioned to think that literature drives one towards atheism. This isn’t true at all. Many works have enlightening associations with God.

Now let’s move one to what your curiosity was heightened for.

A good reader makes  a good leader

People often use this phrase but the meaning behind it is deeper than it seems. A literature student is/becomes a good reader as compared to others inevitably. It is known to everyone that an average person reads 5-6 books a month but a CEO reads 5-6 books a week. The science behind this is that reading develops certain parts of your brain that give you an edge over others when it comes to deliverance or performing any given task. It Is said that a good reader is supposed to have more mental clarity which gives way to new innovative ideas that make life interesting and successful, so even if one doesn’t pursue a Masters degree in literature it’ll prove to beneficial as their brains are now rewired for leadership and success.

Edge for mass communication and journalism.

As we discussed earlier language proficiency is one of the best skills to use to your advantage in the media industry. Be it a content writer, editor of a magazine or a newspaper, copywriter, IELTS examiner, publisher, etc. Looking at the unconventional examples we come across the recent developments in the field of language proficiency. The internet is filled with a ton of software/applications which help one improve/enhance their spoken English. If we are to talk about its spectrum abroad, numerous branches divide to produce a bigger picture.

Let’s talk about certain aspects that people fail to realize/notice. Literature imparts esteemed knowledge. You might have wondered why most of the leading brands in the world are American. Well, it’s time you realize what’s cooking inside. The American subcontinent was approached by the Puritans firstly in Massachusetts where we have the best school of technology at MIT, Georgia, Connecticut, Long Island, etc. The names of certain places might also amaze you after having finished reading this article. New London, New England, New York are all inspired by British Imperialistic influence. Yorkshire is a place in England after which New York is named.

Probably it now makes more sense why the Americas were called the ‘new world. But what’s important to note here is that the puritans had fed their minds that they were the chosen ones of God and this information registered in their minds rewired their brains for having a higher Self Esteem in comparison to the entire world. This became a characteristic trait of an American’s DNA which eventually solidified after generations.

Knowledge of Plays, prose, and poetry will also lay a foundation stone for those who want to make a career in the film industry as a director, cinematographer, and last but not least dialogue/screenplay writer. The list is long and it goes on and on. The intellectual faculties of your mind are further developed as you possess a better and enhanced worldly knowledge as compared to others.

The opportunities are many if you dare to embark on an inspiring journey to a destination never reached and pave new ways for people and yet again prove yourself to be a leader not only as on a designation in an organization but a leader in the actual sense of the term.

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Why literature?
The most common myth regarding pursuing a literature course is that it'll enhance your  English writing and speaking skills even if you aren't effective in writing or speech making.
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