Will Imran Khan Be Able to Clean-Sweep Pakistan’s Problems?

From a Hat-trick in 1992 World Cup to 2018 Pakistan’s Prime Minister, the world is watching Imran Khan.

Will Imran Khan Be Able to Clean-Sweep Pakistan’s Problems

The midnight of 25th March 1992, considered as a red letter day was no less than the midnight of the historic 14th August 1947 when a nation called Islamic Republic of Pakistan (IRP) was born.

This auspicious hour was glorious than when they broke shackles of being the underdogs under Imran Khan’s fiery leadership, whose team was adorned as “Cornered Tigers”. Years later, the same vibrant leader has taken therein into his own hands as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The journey of this heroic personality, from a mere captain of Pakistan’s international cricket team to prime minister-ship was no cakewalk. The country has already been tormented by rampant corruption, political instability, international interference, energy and health crisis, terrorism, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy.

Pakistan has always been criticized for its all-too-powerful military. Now, the people have brought to power, a person who with his fascinating persona and aura have dared to defy the traditional barrier as he said; “Mai Kuch Bhi ho Sakta hu, par Kisi Ka Putla Nahi”.

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Such a daring attitude can only be expected of Khan who was notorious for being an autocratic captain during his cricketing career. Besides the controversies, he holds the record of being the only World Cup winning captain for the Pakistan cricket team. Moreover, it is interesting to spectacle how the traits of leadership during his cricketing career is going to help him in leading the country where the government has been overthrown by the military often.

As he steps into the prime minister’s shoes, Khan is obliged to politically solve Pakistan. He has to steer the country through distorted Indo-Pak relations, degrading relations with current superpowers. Khan also has to address the developmental issues and uplift women who are still victims of the patriarchal society. Furthermore, he has to deal with corruption as well as Pakistan’s moral and financial degradation.

Undoubtedly, Khan is a person who has been synonymous with aggression which he displayed back in 1992 when he suggested the shaking youngster, Vivian Richards, “Maar BehanCh**** ko Bouncer.”

It would be interesting him create a new Pakistan.