Women Are More Susceptible to ‘Zoom Fatigue’ than Men, Says Study


As Covid-19 hit the world and locked every individual in their homes, office meetings shifted from conference rooms to video rooms. In the beginning, video conferences sounded fun and interesting but with time, they slowly started affecting everyone’s mood, energy, and resources.

Effective Reasons Behind ‘Zoom fatigue’

The study cited various reasons behind zoom fatigue‘. The major reason behind the extreme fatigue is a body issue. Some women reported that they sometimes zone out during the meetings as they feel insecure about the dark circles under their eyes or double chin or ‘fatty chin’, and more. This self-criticism affects the women negatively, bringing in mental tiredness. The researchers also found that women looking at one’s own image for long periods has had a wide negative impact on them. Sometimes, the women tend to have longer meetings with shorter breaks for which they find it hard to maintain the work balance. Lack of physical movement is also an effective reason behind Zoom fatigue.

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Why Are Women More Affected Than Men?

The researchers stated that the gender difference in feelings of exhaustion was rooted in the responses of men and women to looking at themselves on the screen. Looking at one’s own face leads the women, more than men, to think about how they appear during the online meetings. Researchers have called it “self-focused attention”. Even the people of color reported a higher level of fatigue than white participants.

TPT Policy Advocacy & Recommendations

  • Users can take an “audio-only” break in between the long meetings. This could turn their body away from the screen. And this will help in getting rid of stiff limbs and sore bottoms.
  • While dealing with zoom fatigue, one can replenish himself/herself by harnessing the benefits of mindfulness. Deep breathing during the zoom meetings can help to decrease the stress at the moment. Women, especially, need to avoid self-criticism as it would mentally devastate them to a great extent.