Is the Word “Women Empowerment” Over-exaggerated in Society?

We attempted to look at the issue of “women empowerment" from a different perspective. Society has not been able to deal with gender equality quite well. While women are often victimised and they haven’t been able to realise their real potential, our art, culture and literature downplayed women empowerment issues in many instances!


Before I would like to say anything I would like to have a sincere appeal and a humble request to my readers that please don’t make any pre-defined illusion in your mind that either the writer is a person who is a very immoral and unsocial guy or who does not have the respect for the better half of our society. What here I am going to tell you all is the practicability of this much-hyped topic of our society. Women Empowerment is today not only a burning and sensational topic of our country or underdeveloped countries but it is alike all across the globe. People from all across the world are talking about women empowerment.

“Why Women Empowerment?”

If we even by chance get to hear the term ‘Women Empowerment,’ the first thing which strikes our intellect is giving more and more right to women; giving more power, more liberty, more security. Today each and every person around the country is talking about women empowerment. You talk to any person and he can give you a long lecture on this topic. Today a lot of intelligentsia group are advocating about women empowerment. They are advocating in such a way that it seems now their prime motive of life is to empower women.

I want to ask Only a single question at this moment “Is women empowerment really necessary for women?” Many of them would promptly reply that obviously it is the need of the hour and they would support their argument with a lot of statistical figures on rape, murder, women harassment, mental or physical assault happening on women due to dowry and a lot of other things.

Need Of Women Empowerment Only Due To Wrong Mindset

If we very carefully go through the word ‘Women Empowerment’ the word clearly defines the empowering of women through giving them extra rights and power which could further ease their situation so that they can stand at par with men and can walk abreast with men.

But had we ever thought that why do we think of women empowerment? Because we think women are inferior to us, they are not capable and are lacking in the required ability. What we are doing is first we are creating headache to the patient and then giving him Disprin. We first advocate our much-hyped issue and create a sense of smallness in the mind of women and then we say that we are doing all our best efforts to make stand at par with us. The women empowerment literally means even though today we are not able to digest women as our counterparts from the core of our mental attitude but we will do our best to pretend that we are the well-wishers of women. At this time I get to remember one of my own articles “Reality of the Reality” that even there is some underlying truth in the midst of a truth. The real truth lies in the fog of our perceived truth which is not crystal clear to us. It is a hardcore reality that we want to empower the women but the reality which would not be easily digestible to most of the people and so called feminist and welfare organizations that they are not mentally prepared to give equal opportunities to women.

Underlying the Root of All Evils

Had anyone of us felt that all the autocracies which happens to women are due to our so called programmes of women empowerment. If these programmes would have been even partially successful, many autocracies against women would have come to a halt. But the facts and figures show a different story. The more laws and welfare programmes are enacted; the women harassment increases in the same ratio.

If I am not wrong, most of the big sex scandals, news of mental and physical assault to women come to news from the so called ‘ Mandlis of Baba’, politicians, police departments, etc. The giant corporates, government organizations and judiciary are not even aloof from this heinous act. And a lot of disguised sections are also involved which are better not to say. And the most regretting fact is that they are the main elements in the framing of policies of women empowerment programme.

And these people say that they would tighten the rein on the youths so that the potential power of youth can be harnessed in a positive manner and the country could be on the path of development. They advocate that today’s youth are getting rampant due to western culture, films, use of internet etc. But if we go through statistics; the participation of youth in non-feminine activities is very negligible. And it is shameful that the people sitting in front rows are giving such statements that not only show their narrow mind-set but also raise authenticity of words when they talk on women empowerment. Some say “If girls would wear small clothes why would not men be deviated” and some say, girl themselves agree for sex in lust of money and when they do not get money they file for rape case.

Others would say to tell every girl to greet every men as ‘Bhaiya’. I want to ask them a simple question “When a girl is raped by a person thrice of his age, what should she tell him?” These are some of the few statements that came to media and God knows how dirty their mindset is.

I am extremely amazed that in the name of protection of women, anyone can issue the so called ‘Fatwa’. Others order that girls should not wear jeans or skirt and some more would gives suggestion to girls and women to come home as soon as possible as the sun sets. What really disturbs me the most is the huge number of sex workers and the rampant number of call girls in the country. This is also a primary reason that women have been treated as an object instead of human being. And we can imagine the heights of the dirty mindset of people as they advocate sex trade as a ‘necessary evil’. I am till now unable to understand how an evil can be necessary for the development of a country. Today if we go to even a small town, we find that there is a famous road called “Sarai Road” and it is found in almost every town and cities of India. We have never thought in which inhumane conditions they are living but we talk of women empowerment. And it all happens under the nose of government. However, our governmetn is dumb on this situation and is busy in pacifying the common masses by enacting new laws on women empowerment.

Bollywood; One of the Biggest Culprits

Bollywood; which today has became directly or indirectly a part of every Indian is not clear on the issue of women empowerment. The tales of casting couch frequently come into the media. Bollywood always advocate about women empowerment. But the question which I would like to ask them, what is the reason that most of our sad songs tell us the tale of so-called ‘Bewafai’ by women. Or in their deep mind-set lies that women are cheaters and frauds. There is a saying, “what runs into our mind comes into our art.” I have not been able to understand that if Bollywood really respects women and want to empower them then why we don’t have many movies and songs that tell the plight of women, their hardships in the society and the increasing harassment faced by them by their male counterparts.

It seems that they are spreading the message from years that women are not faithful and trustworthy. How much it is justified to sell our art by lowering down the morale of women. And the plight of this saga does not end here. They themselves know that art has a very profound influence on common masses and they spread their diseased mind-set to the whole country through their art. And, they themselves exclaim that how can India be morally backward when the country is making rapid progress on the global platform.

Need of the Hour

It is certainly hard to stop all these so-called programmes which empower women. Today we not only have to enrich men’s mind so that they can mentally accept women but also enrich the girls and women that they are not less than anyone.

One question, I would also like to ask to girls and women “Imagine if a boy or a man is sexually assaulted or physically or mentally harassed by a girl or a woman; does he ever think of going to a court or a police station?” You yourself will say a big “NO” and it’s not just because there is no such law but he thinks that he is capable enough to deal with this situation. The same should be for women. You can deal with similar tough situations by yourself. Make yourself mentally strong so that you can handle such type of situations. You have all the potential, power and the required guts. Why do you forget that you have the required courage that if you would come in your real power then the day would not be far when society would launch campaigns to advocate “Men Empowerment”!

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Nitish Raj is an MBA dropout from a renowned management institute of India. Reading novels is his passion and so is writing opinion-editorials and non-fiction articles on social issues related to women empowerment, gender equality, caste system, social transformation. His favourite books are The White Tiger, Eleven Minutes, The Da Vinci Code, Animal Farm amongst many others. Some of his favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown, Munshi Premchand, Franz Kafka, Charles Dickens, etc. Though not a movie freak by fashion, he loves analysing and interpreting Bollywood movie themes and connecting them with real life issues. Notes On A Scandal, Paycheck, Arth, Dil Se, etc. are some of his favourite movies. He has won about 12 awards for academic excellence, other quiz and scholarship competitions and winner of Corporate Quiz Contest, Inter- College Competition, State-Level Quiz Contest and star achiever in organization during the project completion among many others. He is also working on a couple of fiction books on women empowerment and other women issues.