WordFamous literary agents completes 5 years

For me, my biggest boost comes from the faith that my authors have in me. I have always had authors who believed me


Tell us your journey : how difficult or easy was it ?

I believe when you feel strongly for something, you have the passion. That is the driving force, which just allows you to achieve without thinking of hurdles and nothing distracts you then. I always felt any author works hard and has a dream. When you are able to see that spark in the author’s writing, my work is done. This was from the author’s perspective. We all know, the readership is not so great in India and hence the challenge for the publishers is immense. I feel great when I am able to form a winning team , yes it’s a long journey for any book.  So a passionate team is necessary for it to make the book reach great heights. I think it’s been a great journey having 50 books in 5 years.

How does the agent author relationship work? Can you pl tell us more about it.

For me, my biggest boost comes from the faith that my authors have in me. I have always had authors who believed me. I ensure there are timely updates and have a thorough conversation with them. There are so many of my authors, who I have not met. They are spread in various parts of the world. This is the beauty, their manuscript is more important to me, based on which they are my authors.

 What is an agent’s contribution to the authors?

The Literary agent is not just an intermediary which many people perceive so. Sometimes the idea of the book is great but implementation is not done well. It’s your agent who can help you with the inputs. It’s the agent’s expertise that can help authors know which genre will be just right as per their profile. Also, an agent can actually tell you whether the book is badly written. Literary agents are the best critics too.

How has the industry changed ?

Industry always goes through a change; you can see more writers in the market. Every other person is writing. That brings in too much content and hence it’s all the more important to produce quality content. Of, course, the non-fiction always has a greater market as you can see lot of books on varied subjects and doing well. The biographies, the self-help motivational books. Also, another challenge which the non-fiction writers have is that every individual today has exposure to knowledge with a click away. Hence, just googling the information and calling it a research will not make a book attractive or interesting. The authors need to work even harder, meeting and collecting information and giving readers something new. And with regard to fiction, the language, the plot and the story…everything needs to have a class apart. An average work will no longer work.

Any advice to the budding authors

Good content will be noticed. The non-fiction genre has to be handled very well. I wish the authors researched and wrote more in-depth. The authors need to take more time in writing instead of churning quick books. It’s strange, sometimes I get request that four manuscripts are ready for publication.

What kind of services does your agency provide ?

I have a team of editors providing all the editorial support. There are more people approaching me for the marketing too, for which I guide them as to what would be appropriate for the book promotions. My honest feedback and guidance is what has helped me build WordFamous today.

Dipti Patel , founder, WordFamous Literary Agents (www.wordfamous.in)  is based at Mumbai. She has helped CEOs, film makers, journalists, start-up founders, political leaders, academicians and even first time & budding writers. She takes great interest in manuscripts across genres like literary fiction, mythological fiction, business books, children books, current affairs and self-help among others. She is passionate about promoting the regional writers and gets the classics and other great works in vernacular languages like Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam translated and published in English. She has assisted authors from countries like US, UK, UAE, Israel, Germany, and New Zealand. She speaks Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil , Marathi and Marwari.


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WordFamous Completes 5 years
For me, my biggest boost comes from the faith that my authors have in me. I have always had authors who believed me
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