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1-Days MasterclassonData Science: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Career and Business Growth

About Workshop

Life or Business without Internet is simply impossible. Currently, there are over 3 billion of internet users and new 1 billion will join soon. Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and Blockchain are helping businesses in effective decision-making and how to grow with them. Proper training for these is required to be at par with these transformations and getting one’s own growth as well. These emerging technologies are also being deployed to develop prototypes in the life sciences, lower efficiency ratios in financial services, provide cross-platform gaming solutions, and securely store national security information.

Emerging tech goes hand in hand with this transformation; these tools can be used to design cutting-edge learning experiences that demonstrate to employees that their companies care about investing in their continued professional growth

Data is sometimes called “the new oil” as it’s become an invaluable resource of the digital economy. Emerging Technologies can help businesses data-mine processing billions of data points in an instant. An article by Deloitte says that “the impact of the fourth industrial revolution is fundamentally changing the nature of work and meaning of career, and making it imperative to constantly refresh one’s skills.”

To know the impact of these technologies and bring businesses specially startups closer to the future technologies The Policy Times will be organizing 1-Days Masterclass on Data Science: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Career and Business Growth promoting skill development and entrepreneurship for Working Professionals, Start Up, and Students On 10am-5pm Saturday 18th, January 2020 TPT Hall New Delhi .We will be providing skill based IT Training – an interactive, insightful, practical & strategic Seminar with techgurus, techpreneurs& leaders will help you understand these platforms or technologies & prepare a strategic approach to use them which will provide employment and encourage entrepreneurship

Participation Fee Rs. 1500

Participation Benefits

Opportunity to attend sessions by top IT trainers from Industry
Certificate Acknowledging Participation
Interactive Session exploring new Business opportunities
Priority for admission for the 6 month Advanced Courses
Lucky Draw for the Discount in admission of the Advanced Courses
Implementation of these technologies in business
Hands on experience of the usage of the software
Networking opportunities with multiple sector
Scope to extend business and modify it with the future technologies
Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningBlockchain
• 68% believe that AI will help their businesses
• 36% of large financial firms have already invested in emergent technologies & 70% plan to embrace it in the nearfuture
• AI holds the potential to truly transform our lives as individuals andenterprises
• India is ready for an AI-led economic transformation.
• 76% believe that blockchain could be ‘very useful’ or ‘quite useful’ for theircompany
• It is both transparent and immutable and can transform Marketing, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain, HR,Accounting
• Blockchain becoming a better andmore
reliable solution to the old age transactions.
Internet of Things (IoT)Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
• It is believd that there will be 75 billion active Iot devices by 2020 that is approximately 7 devices perperson
• $60 trillion investment yet to come in the market as per experts.
• By 2020 there will be 250 million vehicles around the world
• Helps in mixing the virtual with the real world in a varied proportions so as to achieve a level of immersion that cannot be provided with any virtual equipment.
• AR and VR can also be adopted in the requirements of mainstream business including, training, communication,interactive marketing, and customer service and operation simulations.

Who Should Participate?

  • Startups to stay ahead in the competition
  • Marketing Professionals to use these technologies for business
  • Tech Professionals & Enthusiasts to upgrade their knowledge and skills
  • Students & Beginners to learn the practical implementation of Social Media, AI and Blockchain

Module 1

·         Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

·         Applications of AI & Current trends

·         Different AI Techniques

·         AI Agents

·         PEAS Analysis

·         Agent Environment Analysis

·         Different Types of AI Agents

·         Machine Learning

·         Introduction and Applications of Machine Learning

·         Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

·         Classification & Regression Problem

·         Clustering, Anomaly Detection

·         Getting started with Linear Regression

·         Mathematics behind Linear Regression

·         Building Linear Model

·         Gradient Descent Algorithm

·         Error Correction


Module 2

·         Getting started with python programming

·         Installing Anaconda

·         Python variables, lists, tuples and dictionaries

·         Control Structure in Python

·         Defining Functions in Python

·         Using modules and packages


·         Numpy for Data computation

·         Matlplotlib for Data Visualization

·         Pandas for data exploration

·         Using scikit-learn

·         Creating linear regression models using scikit-learn

Module 3

·         Getting Started with Artificial Neural Networks

·         Introduction to neurons, weights

·         Activation Function

·         Input Layers, Hidden Layers and Output Layers

·         Single layer perceptron Model


·         Multilayer Neural Network

·         Back Propagation Algorithm introduction

·         Programming Neural Network using Python

·         Building Regression models using ANN

·         Classification Examples using ANN

Expected Outcomes

# Introduction to Business Analytics
# Apply Functions
# Data Visualization
#  Introduction to Statistics
#  Hypothesis Testing I
#  Hypothesis Testing II
#  Regression Analysis
#  Classification
#  Clustering Association

Projects covered –

# Housing Prices prediction

# Character Recognition Algorithm

# Diabetes Detection Algorithm

# IRIS Clustering