Would Trump’s Jerusalem Card Invite More trouble?

US President, Donald Trump loves the attention, and is at it again. He will be recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, according to senior officials. This is a move which is very conflicting and might lead to future tensions.

Trump to Recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
Trump to Recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Jerusalem has long been in the main conflict between Palestine and Israel. Under the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine which was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1947, Jerusalem is to be an international regime administered by the United Nations.

Donald Trump, who only knows how to ignite and gain attention, is at it again. According to senior officials he will break decades of diplomacy in a move many warn will cause unrest. Due at 1pm in Washington, declaration is bound to take place with USA and American embassies under threat.

Donald Trump’s argument will be of ancient history and currency political scenarios. He even plans to build a state department to start the process of planning and building a new US embassy in Jerusalem. Donald Trump is far exceeding his presidential powers, and this is not surprising after pretty ignorant comments on twitter and the media which have hurt sentiments of various factions and individuals.

Donald Trump has walked out of the Paris Climate accord, abandoned multilateral trade negotiations with partners in Europe and Asia and also ongoing threats to nuclear powerhouses like Iran and North Korea.

Donald Trump’s aggression and beyond control nature is now exceeding limits. He had even called leaders in the region including Jordan’s Kind Abullah, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian president had warned of severe repercussions and unrest following this decision, and will further distance the solution to the Arab Israeli peace talks.

Most of the world leaders are not in support of this, as peace talks will be the right answer. The peace talks even if not known to the public have been making severe steps towards the right direction. This decision by Trump will take the many years of diplomacy and hard work to waste.

A former US ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro even suggested

“A smart approach could have used that announcement to reinforce our strategic objective, which is a two state solution to end the conflict.”