Wrong foreign policy of the West leads to attacks like Manchester Arena!

West should stop its hegemony in the Middle East, if it wants to ensure halt in terror attacks on their turf!

Wrong foreign policy of the West leads to attacks like Manchester Arena!

Trump called the ISIL as “evil loser” after the bombing in Manchester Arena last night. Theresa May echoed similarly, although she has been milder in her comment, “Callous attack carried out with cold calculation”. Queen Elizabeth has been categorical of the statement that the “whole nation” shocked by the “act of barbarity”. The scathing attack on ISIL is coming from all corners of the globe as they claimed responsibility to the incident.

The philosophy of ISIL is hard to understand. They are devout Muslims and seemingly follow the dictate of the Holy Qur’an. However, the killing of innocent people on the ground that they belong to a different religion is something that no one has claimed to have been written in Qur’an. There is a clause that the perpetrator should be punished if he decides to attack Allah (God) or his prophet. The question remains on what basis it can be ascertained by the terrorists that young British boys and girls who were enjoying the pop concert in Manchester happens to attack God or his Prophet? It is a most horrific form of distortion of the Holy Scripture to unleash inhuman terror on perfectly innocent folks.

What can UK and US do in response to this attack? They are giving speeches, but can they take any concrete step against ISIL? US economy is recovering after a long drawn recession. Any step to declare a war can create havoc in their domestic economy. UK, alone, much like France can do very little to ISIL. France, in the much the same way, could not do anything significant after the Paris attack in 2015. Even if the entire western power wage a war against the ISIL, it is unlikely to be effective.

Then where does the solution lie? The West, led by the United States, has to stop its hegemony in the Middle East and refrain from imposing their values on them. They should also stop interfering in the political and religious affairs of the sovereign states in the region. After all, who can deny the genesis of the ISIS, which was caused out of the vacuum created in Iraq after the second Gulf War.?